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5 places to go for outdoor workouts in Miami?

Try these outdoor workouts in Miami that will get you sweating under the sun!

One of the benefits of Miami life are being able to exercise outside at any time of the year, but especially in the summer. In Miami, there are several outdoor spaces where individuals may work out, do yoga, and exercise. How often do you go outside without seeing somebody working out? Most likely never, as Miami is usually bustling with people exercising outside, whether they are doing cardio or yoga.

The following are 5 locations in Miami that provide outdoor workouts


One of the best outdoor spaces in Miami is the perfect place to experience a hot Bootcamp session while bringing the Red Room spirit outside without the treads. Barry's now provides outdoor sessions many times throughout the day at its locations. Depending on which studio you're visiting, the outside spaces may differ, but parking and facilities are accessible everywhere.

The fifty-minute sessions include aerobics with resistant bands and weight. The workout does not require masks. Barry's supplies all the necessary equipment for a pleasant silent workout, including headphones. In addition, they provide their renowned smoothie for the post-class.

Locations: Aventura, Miami Beach, and Wynwood.

Muscle Beach South Beach

When the ocean serves as your outdoor workout place, staying in shape is simple. Beautiful Lummus Park in Miami is home to Muscle Beach. You can work out on the sand with a terrific fitness group at this open-air, free gym that is available every day of the week. 

While at Muscle Beach, your attention to fitness and health does not need to take a break. Be sure to stop by Muscle Beach for a great seaside exercise. Have fun and get to know some amazing locals. The place is a well-liked destination for local and out-of-town fitness buffs, offering an amazing outdoor space for weight lifting, yoga, gymnastics, and workout.

Location: Lummus Park

Green Monkey Yoga

Your first yoga practice, no matter how relaxing or fulfilling, may be a complicated process. Try yoga if you're seeking a relaxing approach to burn off your late-night binges. In addition to offering sessions within the studio, Green Monkey Yoga also offers places on its encircling outdoor terrace. There are 25 socially distant spaces on the terrace for individuals who prefer being outside.

Green Monkey Yoga also provides in-studio yoga courses suitable for newcomers and more seasoned practitioners, which is only a five-minute drive from KAYAK Miami Beach.

Location: Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

SUP Yoga Miami

The idea of Stand UP (SUP) yoga is fascinating. You must balance on a paddleboard while performing yoga poses in the water. This outdoor workout class stands out due to the concept of exercising over water. The classes are held in Crandon Park at Atlantic Ocean shore with a brief intro, warm-up on the beach, a refresher of the lesson, and half an hour of the yoga session.

Location: Crandon Park Beach


One of ADAPT's best features is its enormous bay door, which opens the 22000 square foot building to the outside and constantly circulates fresh air and natural light into the gym. Additionally, they have a sizable outdoor turf that makes it simple for members to participate in group exercises, one-on-one training sessions, and regular workouts outside, accompanied by exercise equipment. Each session has been designed by ADAPT trainers to be conducted outdoors and indoors. To guarantee everyone taking part in each group lesson receives individualized attention.

Location: North Miami

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Miami offers access to a variety of green parks with beautiful plants and animals, fitness pathways, and various water sports on a beach. In a city like Miami, with so many locations for outdoor workouts, it's practically hard not to keep yourself in shape. So, if you want to get moving, the beach is where you should begin your outdoor fitness regimen.

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