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On Your Feet! Scheduled to Play from February 11 to March 6 at Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables

On Your Feet! opened in Miami and was met with a ton of applause and positive reactions

With several delays, months of hard work and dedication, and extensive preparation, On Your Feet! finally made its debut in Coral Gables. The show tells the story of the legendary couple, the Estefans, their love, their careers, their shared journey to their Grammy-Award winning status, and everything in between.

It's an intimate perspective of their lives, as told by their closest friends and family.

Why we're thrilled about this show

Brought to life by the Actors' Playhouse and playing at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables after a year and a half of delay. It played at Broadway's Marquis Theatre from 2015 to 2017 and got 34 previews and 746 regular performances over its run. It's now playing in Coral Gables, and it's the perfect chance to experience this incredible show, which is the perfect tribute to these Cuban-American legends.

Details about the show

The show will be running from February 11, 2022, till March 6, 2022. It will have an incredible cast and crew, including 21 adult actors, 2 kids, a crew with over ten people, a dozen musicians, including those from Miami Sound Machine.

With a hefty investment of $750,000 on the line, it's incredible to see that the show has picked up to an incredible start and people are eager to get a watch.  

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