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Nothing like authentic Cuban Cigars

Why Cuban cigars are better

Cuban cigars are undoubtedly the best in the market, but they are very difficult to find. In this article, we will solve the mystery behind why exactly Cuban cigars are so special. Read on for the inside scoop. 

Growth of Tobacco

Tobacco has been grown in Cuba for hundreds of years. It was found that tobacco was already in existence at the time of King Phillip II of Spain (1527). With such a long history, the process of the growth of tobacco has been perfected. Cuba also provides the ideal environment for the growth of this crop. The island’s soil produces very high-quality leaves, and the humidity is extremely helpful for the drying and growing of the plant. 

The creation process 

They are made with only the finest of materials, Cuban tobacco is the only type used in these cigars. There is an incredible amount of precision and care that goes into every single cigar created. The entire process is over 100 steps, which has been historically kept the same to ensure the best results every time. 

Why scarce?

Truth is, genuine cigars from Cuba are not easily found outside of Cuba. The reason being that the growth of the crop is currently regulated by the Cuban government, and they make sure each cigar is made to perfection. Furthermore, there is a current U.S. legislation that bans the commercial import of cigars from Cuba. The fact that they are so limited, makes these cigars all the more desirable and valuable. 


They should be purchased from a reputable dealer. While they do not necessarily have to be brought from Cuba, there are many fakes out there. The only way to tell how authentic the cigar is is to try it. Most other cigars are made from a mixture of various types of tobacco, but Cuban cigars only use Cuban tobacco. This gives them a distinct smell that can only be produced with tobacco that has been harvested, dried, cut, and wrapped in a specific manner. 

Cuban cigars are a true delicacy! Clearly, they have a reputation for good reason and are the best out there! 

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