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Why are there so many ice cream lovers around the world today?

Why do you love ice cream?

Have you ever given these questions some thought?

Maybe you just like the feeling it brings...


Many of us have pleasant memories of eating ice cream while we were kids. However, science still supports the reason many of us still enjoy the feeling down to this day. When prepared professionally, ice cream is an item to constantly long for and science proves it. This is the reason behind the birth of Mr. Kream.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Mr. Kream. Yes, they are no ordinary ice cream shop. Mr. Kream is a hip hop ice cream shop making a difference in Wynwood. They understand the feeling ice cream brings naturally – and it is their goal to top it up. Their commitment is to provide their guests in Wynwood with endless amounts of super delicious, super unique, and super affordable ice cream. This has been pivotal to the amazing relationship they have built with their customer base.

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We caught up with Mr. Kreme and asked him a couple of questions here is what he had to say. 

What has been the biggest challenge in starting a business in Wynwood?

The biggest challenge starting a business in a neighborhood like Wynwood which is an area that is quickly emerging to the centerpiece of all Miami in fine arts and entertainment currently is dealing with all the construction and constant building with streets being blocked off on a regular basis without notice. It’s something that we are sort of getting used to. However it was a major setback for us in the beginning while building our brand. Now that we are becoming a household name in Wynwood we see people go through extreme measures by any means necessary to get to our location with or without construction. Even in some of the craziest weather conditions Miami has had. We even had a line two days after hurricane Irma which really brought a lot of light for us. We are grateful for all the supporters and people that support our brand and we also know the construction when thinking of the bigger picture is going to be better for us but that was the only major setback that we really saw.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Within the next five years I see the brand Mr Kream expanding into full national distribution along with over 25 parlors around the country.. being the only brand since Ben & Jerry’s that brings the entertainment world into a culinary experience we have no doubt that what we think will happen in fact WILL.
 What is it about Mr. Kream that backs up your claim about making people happy?
This is very simple.
How could you not be happy eating amazing ice cream while hearing all your favorite music along with giving back to the community on a daily basis?

How was this possible?

We do not just provide top quality, tasty ice cream servings when you stop by, instead you enjoy the cup in the presence of a live band. The presence of DJ Affect and a live band at all times was especially helpful when the construction and constant building of streets blocked off easy access to our parlor. Although this proved to be challenging, we felt the love, support, and appreciation from our people. Our valued guests have regularly taken big strides just to visit our ice cream shop. We are not only grateful for this, but we can assure you that your hip hop ice cream shop will not relent in our desire to continuously produce the fun and party in a cup.

Do you love the taste of Waffles and Cones? Or would you prefer half-baked flavors or floats and shakes? Mr. Kream is your ice cream shop next door. Just ask, and they have got you covered. "It is our goal to bring the fun of the entertainment world into an amazing culinary experience" said  Ari "Dj Affect" Kalimi. They would be happy to receive you any time. Chill out with your friends and family on a Friday or Saturday night at Mr. Kream, grab a cup, and relax. Your happiness is their priority – the DJ spins it, the cup ignites the feeling.

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