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Nifty Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

Our spring cleaning hacks will help you save time and effort and make it so much easier

Save time, energy, and effort with these incredible spring cleaning hacks and tips that will be absolute game-changers for you. Get a load of some of these tips, tricks, and ideas that are bound to benefit you during your seasonal deep cleaning and reorganizing bout:

Break tasks down into smaller ones

It helps when you break bigger, more overwhelming tasks into smaller, more achievable ones. Set timers, start by going space by space and area by area to make it less overwhelming and exhausting for yourself. For instance, clean out all your closets first instead of emptying everything everywhere.

Clear out some space for clutter at home

There will inevitably be tons of clutter that you find. Old magazines, books, papers, broken toys, decor you don’t want, clothes that haven’t fit you in a decade—the works. Have a dedicated space where you can either store it before you sort it out or after. Carrying a basket to each room can help you pick up items that don’t belong there or things you want to remove.

Run a load of laundry with things you remove

Strip your mattresses and pillows of all sheets, remove your duvet cover, couch throws, rugs, towels, etc. and run a few loads of laundry as you clean. This will save time and prevent you from piling on more work, making things a lot more efficient instead. As your laundry finishes and dries up, you’ll have freshly done items that can be replaced where they need to be stored or displayed when you’re done cleaning.

A person uses a feather-duster to clean a lighting fixture in their bathroom.

Deep clean your appliances and fixtures

While you deep clean your home, don’t forget to clean different appliances and fixtures. Heat up a bowl of water and some vinegar in your microwave for steam cleaning, rub a lemon on your faucets and sinks, descale your shower heads with some vinegar, and clean your grills and dishwashers for thorough, fresh-smelling, and clean appliances and fixtures.

Additionally, empty out and clean your fridge, remove shelves and racks to get rid of food bacteria, odors, and spills, as well as throw out expired items, and wipe down your TVs and other devices.

Stick to vinegar and baking soda mixtures

A pro-tip is to use baking soda and vinegar mixtures while cleaning your home since they’re gentle, easy, and convenient to make. The mixture is also cost-effective and non-abrasive, and not at all harsh on your appliances, surfaces, and other applications, and you can rest assured that they will not release harsh fumes and chemical odors that irritate you.

Organize your seasonal wardrobes vertically

Organize your wardrobe more efficiently for easier access too. As you swap out winter clothes for spring and summerwear, organize everything vertically, and keep it within your visual periphery. This will help you grab whatever you need as you need it, without disrupting or ruining how everything else is set in place.

Clean your home from the inside out with these hacks, and never worry about doing things the old-fashioned and often inefficient way. You’ll have a spotless home from top to bottom!

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