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Grant Gussin spills the beans: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's new pork taco takes Miami by storm!

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's NEW Pork Taco—a flavor fiesta you can't miss! Get the juicy details straight from the owner himself, Grant Gussin

Miami's culinary scene is sizzling hot, thanks to Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's latest sensation—the Pork Taco. Grant Gussin, the dynamic franchise owner of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill in River Landing, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Rosi Rosell the Editor in chief of Calle Ocho News to dish out the delectable details behind their mouthwatering creation.

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill has long been a favorite for those seeking diverse and flavorful Mexican dishes, and Gussin's insights reveal the recipe for their continued success. From family-friendly vibes to a menu that caters to every palate, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's commitment to excellence shines through in every bite.

Inspiring menu revamp: The journey to introducing Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's Pork Taco

Grant Gussin, owner of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, stated that the decision to introduce the new pork taco was part of a larger menu revamp strategy, accounting for approximately 40-50% of the menu's overhaul. The introduction of this limited-time offer is anticipated to eventually become a permanent fixture.

Speaking on the significance of pork, Grant emphasized its widespread appeal, particularly within the Latin community. Lime Fresh Mexican Grill had previously experimented with pork but now feels confident that the current recipe is a winner, combining the right ingredients and flavors to create a standout product.

Mexican Grill's New Pork Taco

Crafting a unique culinary experience: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's signature pork taco

Grant Gussin described Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's pork taco, highlighting the use of white and red cabbage, smoky pork sourced from the acclaimed Four Rivers – an award-winning company known for the best-barbequed pork in Miami, and a distinctive black pepper guava barbecue sauce. This blend of sweet and savory flavors is enhanced by pickled red onions and cilantro, all nestled within a new blue corn tortilla shell seasoned with Lime Mexican Grill's signature seasoning. Customers will be able to order it with burritos, salads, bowls, and quesadillas because the demand for pork is high, and this is a premium product.

“Lime Fresh Mexican Grill has me reconsidering my protein choices; I think it’s the smoked way of cooking the pork combined with the best ingredients in the new pork taco that make your mouth water with every bite!!!”

Rosi Rosell Editor in Chief of Calle Ocho News

While ensuring the quality and sustainability of ingredients, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill aims to offer a visually appealing and delectable culinary experience. The overwhelmingly positive customer response on the launch day indicates a promising future for the dish, potentially leading to its permanent inclusion in the menu.

To complement the pork taco, Grant recommends either a cold beer or one of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's famous frozen margaritas. While the availability of the dish is initially limited to a 2-3 month trial period, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill intends to gauge its success and aims to make it a permanent menu item based on customer feedback.

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