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New live performance bill to ban children from drag shows will threaten local pride parades

 This live performance bill comes after Governor DeSantis’ complaints about children attending drag shows

On Thursday, a House committee adopted legislation to restrict access to drag shows for minors after the Senate approved its own version of this bill the day before. A Republican politician in Florida referred to members of the LGBTQ community as "mutants" and "demons" the day before this ban was proposed, continuing a nationwide trend among GOP states.

What is the live performance bill about?

The live performance bill (HB 1423) would make it illegal to let minors into an "adult live performance," with fines for establishments that violate the law. The plan is in response to previous actions taken by the Governor DeSantis administration, although it does not target drag performances in particular.

Earlier in March, they filed a lawsuit against the Hyatt Regency Miami, claiming that the hotel permitted children to attend a "Drag Queen Christmas" celebration in December. The complaint requests the cancellation of the hotel's liquor license.

Drag Queen performing in pink outfit

Local Pride Parades face further threat

The Florida legislature is now debating this and other bills throughout the duration of the state's 60-day session, which ends on May 5. It's just one of over 400 bills around the country that explicitly protect transgender individuals and the LGBTQ+ population.

If passed, this legislation would provide state agencies with authority to swiftly pull licenses from establishments, including pubs, restaurants, and clubs that are found to be operating illegally.

Clay Yarborough, a Republican from Jacksonville, is the bill's sponsor. It also forbids local governments from giving public licenses for events that would expose kids to the targeted behavior. The local pride parades might be effectively stopped, according to critics.

Tuesday, during a discussion on the Senate floor, Democrats raised concerns that the trans community, which is already at risk for assault, might be negatively impacted by arguments used to bolster support for the bans.

What do you think about the restrictions brought on by the live performance bill? Let us know in the comments!

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