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New Lifeguard Stand built at Homestead Bayfront park

Ribbon cutting ceremony

University of Miami undergraduate and graduate students spent 4,000 hours working on this new lifeguard stand addition to the Atoll Beach Pool

A ribbon cutting ceremony occurred on Saturday, June 6 at Homestead Bayfront Park for the new lifeguard station that was designed and built by the University of Miami Design and Build Studio Program students. The lifeguard stand is located at 998 SW 328 Street in Homestead, at the atoll beach pool.

Over the course of 16 weeks, 12 undergraduate and graduate students followed the direction of cofounders and directors of the University of Miami Design and Build Studio Program Rocco Ceo and Jim Adamson. 

Ceo and Adamson established the program over ten years ago to promote community engagement, give the students a chance to collaborate with non-profit organizations in the design process, and provide them with a hands-on construction experience. Every project that Ceo and Adamson work on is designed to contribute to the South Florida community. 

lifeguard miami ribbon cutting3 - New Lifeguard Stand built at Homestead Bayfront park

In addition to Ceo and Adamson, the University of Miami School of Architecture Design and Build Studio Program partnered with the Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department to build this lifeguard station. The students and faculty put in over 4,000 hours of work on donated time, and the knowledge and expertise put into the station totals to about $70,000. 

The station is made to provide a comfortable place for lifeguards to watch over and protect the community. It features unobstructed sightlines, all-day shade, protection from wind and rain, lockable storage compartments that keep the safety equipment watertight, and a ramp that provides fast access to the beach pool.

lifeguard miami ribbon cutting2 - New Lifeguard Stand built at Homestead Bayfront park

All of these components were designed and built with sustainable materials and are made for the convenience of the lifeguard. The chair and ramp are designed to adjust easily to the changing weather and environmental conditions like beach erosion. The deck, chair, and handrails are made from recycled plastic. The roof and exterior walls are made of red cedar that works well under weather conditions, like strong wind, and resists termite damage.

In this video about the lifeguard stand building process, Ceo and Adamson emphasized that this is a project for the community. As much as the students have come together to do this for the community, the directors want the community to take ownership of this lifeguard stand and see it as their own. 

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