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3 best places to honor Native American Heritage Month in Miami

Whether you’re going solo or with your little ones, these places are excellent for celebrating Native American Heritage Month in Miami

Miami is the hub of diverse communities, and every year in November, Miamians celebrate Native American Heritage Month. This month-long tradition dates back to 1990.

The practice came into being to honor Native Americans and conserve their unique and beautiful histories and cultures through festivals, music, crafts, storytelling, arts, and dance.

Native American Heritage Month is also a brilliant time to spread awareness and educate Miamians about the tribes and the struggles they faced in history and today. You can learn about Native American Heritage Month all month and throughout the year by discovering some cultural places in the Magic City.

Here are a bunch of places you can visit to honor Native American Heritage Month.

The Miami Circle

The Miami Circle is an excellent place to learn all about the city's early residents. Nearly 15 years ago, a luxury condo was designed for downtown Miami’s riverfront location.

However, while reviewing the site, county archeologists discovered holes in the Oolitic limestone bedrock. Upon scrutinizing these holes, they observed these holes created a 38-foot circle, revealing a complex and intended architecture distinctive to the Tequesta Indians.

The Miami Circle site was eventually preserved and inaugurated as a park in February 2011.

The limestone platform in the Miami Circle was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2009 and is considered significant to the Tequesta people who resided in the area before European contact. In honor of their ancestors, modern Native Americans have been known to hold candlelight vigils on the site.

So, you can also visit Miami Circle to witness this.

HistoryMiami Museum

HistoryMiami Musuem

HistoryMiami Museum is a Smithsonian Affiliate in downtown Miami that shares Miami stories to educate Miamians. HistoryMiami Museum helps Miamians understand the significance of the Magic City’s past and how it’s shaped the future with the help of artistic endeavors, research, city tours, exhibitions, education, publication, and collection.

If you want to learn about Native American Heritage Month, consider visiting HistoryMiami Museum and getting familiar with the stories of Miamian communities, events, and much more.

Miccosukee Village & Airboats

Miccosukee Village is an Indian village that has a museum, gift shop, and other activities. When visiting this village, you can get a chance to watch alligator shows led by the tribal members.

During these shows, these members demonstrate the ancient techniques that the Miccosukee employed to control these reptiles without using weapons, just their bare hands.

You can also visit the village museum that was opened back in 1983. The museum will offer you a glimpse into the tribe’s life. There are also original artifacts, archival photographs, and historical documents through which you can explore the Miccosukee culture and history.

You can also have some fun at the Miccosukee Village with the Everglades airboat tour. While touring the Everglades, you’ll spot alligators and birds in their glory and learn a bunch of new things.

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