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Sky-high plans for 2 Miami International Airport hotels: One soars, another stirs debate

The Miami International Airport hotel expansion faces mixed fortunes

Miami International Airport's hospitality landscape is poised for transformation as one new airport hotel secures approval, while the fate of another hangs in the balance following a contentious Miami-Dade County Commission vote. The commission awarded FDR Miami Hotel LLC the contract for a world-class hotel connected to Terminal D, while negotiations with Parmco Airport Hospitality LLC, the second-ranked firm, to build a more affordable alternative hotel failed in a closely divided 7-6 vote.

Miami International Airport hotel details:

FDR Miami Hotel LLC: Elevating airport luxury

In a unanimous decision, the Miami-Dade County Commission selected FDR Miami Hotel LLC to construct an upscale airport hotel adjacent to Terminal D. The joint venture, led by Fontainebleau Development LLC and The Related Companies, plans to create a four-star Westin hotel, promising a world-class experience for travelers.

The 50-year lease is projected to yield approximately $240 million in revenue for the county.

Contentious debate: The second hotel proposal at odds

Despite acknowledging the need for additional airport hotels, the commission's 7-6 vote rejected the resolution to enter negotiations with Parmco Airport Hospitality LLC. Parmco's proposed hotel, aimed at a more affordable price point than FDR's Westin, garnered support as a "much-needed" project. However, some commissioners argued for a separate solicitation process to select the firm for the second hotel, leading to passionate discussions during the commission meeting.

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