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Miami Hotels Months 2022 is here; this is what you need to know

The GMCVB shines a light on Miami Hotels Months with the best deals and discounts you will find all year from June-September

Miami is one of the world’s hottest travel and tourism destinations, with some incredible hotel deals and discounts during the peak season. Every year the Greater Miami Visitors Convention Bureau (GMCVB) elevates Miami’s most popular hotel deals through Miami Hotels Months that run from June-September.  During this time you can count on multiple discounts and incredible offers that are perfect for you.

Here’s what you can expect to enjoy during this season:

Miami Hotels Months savings on rooms and accommodations

Hotel rooms are notoriously expensive and can be the biggest expense of your trip in general. They tend to cost hundreds of dollars a night, which can quickly rack up thousands of dollars in a single trip. Additionally, food and room service can cost hundreds of thousands, but with the right deal, you can enjoy some serious savings on rooms and accommodation during Miami Hotels Months.

Not only are there plenty of packages available during Miami Hotels Months, but there are also standalone deals and more options for you to choose from.

A hotel poolside lit up at night with ambient lighting.

Additional deals on amenities

During Miami Hotels Months there are incredible deals and discounts on amenities like hotel spas, saunas, and services such as massages. You can use other facilities like pools, bars, and restaurants as well at discounted rates. Relax and unwind with the best spa treatments in town at incredibly affordable deals.

If you travel to the city outside these months, here are some great recommendations for hotels all around town that you can check out all throughout the year.

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