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3 gorgeous hotels in Miami for your girls' trip

After dancing all night at clubs, eating out at the best restaurants, and spending all day enjoying the beach, you’ll need a comfortable place to crash. Make sure the amenities allow you to relax, unwind, and refresh for all the incredible activities, including your Little Havana tour. You don’t want your bed to creak or air-conditioning to stop working in the humid heat, or fear for your safety, especially on your girls' trip if you are any kind of traveler. Here are some gorgeous holiday resorts that you can stay at during your girls' trip:

Dream South Beach hotel 

Right in the center of South Beach, this luxe holiday resort is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. This is a prime location for tourists who want to stay in the center of the city, close to most events and tourist spots, including the biggest concerts and the best restaurants. 

With a glorious poolside on the 70’s-style rooftop lounge and luxury seating on the patio, comfortable bedding in the suites, and chic designer baths, the interiors and exteriors are a sight to behold. But what set this hotel apart from the others is its eco-friendly initiatives. By checking in here, you’re not only vacationing the fun way but also the green way. 

Edition Hotel Miami 

This is the latest Edition in our lifestyle section about Miami. Edition Hotel Miami has been designed to emulate the urban appeal of five-star hotels with impeccable aesthetic finesse and the finest display of modern luxuries. If you like to dine and wine in extravagant dining halls and resign in private penthouses or luxury suites, this is it. 

This place offers more than 294 luxury stay options with the culinary expertise of a Michelin-starred chef at your disposal. The premises has Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant that offers delicious dinners without the painful wait of pre-bookings and reservations. 

Enjoy your breakfast in bed with a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean filling up your window frame. There’s a lot more you’ll be able to do indoors but if you want to explore beyond the walls, you’re welcome to do that too. 

EAST, Miami 

Nothing beats the way EAST Miami has embraced modernity in the finest way. With keyless check-ins and no hassle of paperwork, guests are welcome to book their stay at this hotel with ease. This accommodation is revolutionizing the way tourists experience hotels. With easier entry and exit and architectural beauty that infuses healing and serenity through design, EAST offers a truly soulful experience. 

If you and your girls need a time-out from the routine life to harmonize your soul and body, this is the place to be. It promotes healing, mental peace, and happiness through a fresh outlook on the city and how you engage with it. 

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