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3 things the Miami Heat will be doing during offseason

Miami Heat has been bringing the heat for a while and will continue to do so during their offseason with new plans

Miami Heat has been making headlines for a while now with their stellar performances during the season. Despite a crushing loss and elimination from the NBA playoffs, the team has had some spectacular performances in recent months, and it’s worth keeping an eye out on their progress even during the offseason.

Here are some things you can expect from the Miami Heat offseason:

NBA draft selections for the team

Miami Heat doesn’t really participate in NBA draft selection, but they are expected to this time around. The team is in dire need of some new talent, including finding a qualified, reliable, and experienced player from a bigger school than a lesser-known European or small league player. Pat Riley’s leadership will determine that to a big extent.

Saying goodbye to certain players

Miami Heat also has certain players, such as Duncan, who are on hefty contracts but rarely on the court. He’s picking up a hefty paycheque without the performance or participation to justify it, which is why it’s important for the team to make some strategic decisions and cuts.

An outdoor basketball hoop photographed at night.

Working on their offensive strategy

Another thing the Miami Heat needs to strengthen before the new season is their offensive strategy. The team has been weak in that area for a while and is in dire need of a revamp and restrategizing approach that helps them focus on their performance on the court. It’s a necessary step to ensure that their future performances in upcoming seasons don’t suffer any more than they have already.

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