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What Miami Events Happened Last Week

Last week's Miami events were packed with some exciting activities, and holidays worth celebrating

A lot of very exciting Miami events and holidays were celebrated last week that are worth knowing about. You might even want to start marking your calendars for next year.

Among the many exciting things from across the city, here are some of the most noteworthy events that took place:

Multiple Miami Events and exhibits around town

This year Miami saw some incredible exhibits and displays come to town, including Beyond Monet, which is up for just a few more days so if you haven’t already been, you should check it out.

Additionally, there was also the hit exhibit, Tunney Munney, which opened to the public on April Fool’s day, and grapples with NFTs, currency, and more, in a whimsical and thought-provoking manner. The exhibit is up till May 10, 2022, so grab your tickets before it's over.

Justin Bieber’s concert at the FTX Arena

Miami also welcomed another superstar in the music industry, Justin Bieber, who performed last week at the FTX Arena, which has hosted some of the top performers in music. The concert that was held on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, was part of his world tour and was a raging success. It also featured other artists, including JADEN, and others.  

A group of multicultural individuals share a meal.

Passover on Friday

Friday was also an important religious holiday for the Jewish community as they celebrated Passover, which marked the liberation of the Israelites from the Pharoah. It’s observed through different rituals, including seder, where the story of Exodus is shared, and other practices including singing, lighting candles, and eating special foods in memory of that journey.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Many people across Miami also celebrated another important religious occasion over the weekend: Good Friday and Easter. This holiday commemorates the crucifixion and rebirth of Christ and is particularly important to many denominations of the Church. Observed through mass, church music, communion, and food, it’s a major commercial holiday as well.

What’s fascinating is that Passover, Good Friday and Easter, and Ramadan overlapped this year, making for a very special occasion for all three religions. It’s befitting that many Miami events for locals observed these occasions, given how diverse the city is!

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