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Miami-Dade Parks' fun-filled fall camps: adventure awaits this fall

Get ready for exciting fall adventures as Miami-Dade Parks' camps open for kids! Explore, learn, and make lifelong memories this school break!

Miami-Dade County Parks is bringing the excitement of the great outdoors to kids this school break season. With the promise of fresh air, thrilling outdoor activities, and valuable lessons in conservation, the eagerly awaited fall camps are now open for registration. This year, Miami-Dade Parks is all about combining fun and affordability for children aged 6-14, ensuring that your kids stay healthy, active, and engaged during their school break with fall camps.

miami dade county parks fall camps

A school break full of adventure

From Monday, November 20 till Wednesday, November 22, Miami-Dade Parks is conducting a series of full-day general program camps at 19 conveniently placed parks around the county. The camps, which run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., provide a full day of fun activities in a secure and supervised setting for your children. While their children participate in activities like sports, arts and crafts, exploring outdoors, and social and emotional development, parents may relax. It's hard to say no to anything that combines entertainment with learning in this way!

But that's not all. Your kids will be able to take part in educational opportunities that emphasize the value of maintaining a sustainable environment. The parks system in Miami-Dade County is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of recycling, conserving water, and other green practices. After all, everyone needs a healthy world to live on, and the lessons you teach your children now will last a lifetime.

miami dade county parks fall camps

Specialized camps for unique experiences

For those kids with specific interests, Miami-Dade Parks offers specialized camps that promise unique and unforgettable experiences. Dive into the EcoAdventures camp to explore the wonders of nature up close. Visit the Deering Estate for a taste of history and culture, or take a trip to Zoo Miami which is also a part of the Miami-Dade Parks system for an animal-packed adventure. The options are endless, and each camp offers a one-of-a-kind journey tailored to your child's interests and curiosity.

For more information, including available site locations and the registration process, be sure to visit the Miami-Dade Parks website. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to give your children a memorable school break full of adventure, learning, and fun. Enroll them in Miami-Dade Parks' fall camps today!

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