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Honoring local heroes: Miami-Dade Parks unveils 'Joe and Colleen Griffin Park' in Homestead

Miami-Dade Parks commemorated pioneering tropical fruit growers and community advocates

Miami-Dade County residents geared up for a heartfelt celebration as Miami-Dade Parks prepares to host a naming ceremony for a future neighborhood park in Homestead. On July 21, 2023, at 10 a.m., District 8 Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins and Miami-Dade Parks Director Maria I. Nardi joined community members to unveil the park's name— "Joe and Colleen Griffin Park."

The park is a testament to the late Joseph "Joe" and Colleen Griffin's significant contributions as beloved residents and dedicated advocates for the tropical fruit-growing community of the Redlands in south Miami-Dade. This occasion is the outcome of a resolution led by Commissioner Cohen Higgins and endorsed by the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners.

A legacy of Miami-Dade Parks service and dedication

Joe Griffin, a distinguished World War II veteran and pioneering farmer in the Redlands, dedicated his life to cultivating avocados and mangos. Beyond his agricultural achievements, he served for Boy Scout Troop 69 as an Assistant Scout Master, guiding and mentoring countless young minds in the community.

Colleen Griffin, equally remarkable, made her mark in the Mango Forum and played a pivotal role as a board member and president of the Redland Citizens Association. She was also a cherished Tropical Fruit and Vegetable Society member and chaired the Zoning Appeals Board.

Together, Joe and Colleen Griffin passionately championed the cultivation and use of tropical fruits and vegetables in South Florida, leaving an indelible impact on the community they loved dearly. Their unwavering expertise and leadership bolstered public interest in agriculture and instilled a sense of pride in the bountiful natural resources of the region.

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Creating a vibrant community space

The naming ceremony honored Griffin's legacy and marked the Parks Department's commitment to developing the five-acre site as a future neighborhood park. The Miami-Dade park's design boasts an enhanced landscape adorned with encouraging physical activity and native plantings, fostering a sense of community and outdoor engagement. The envisioned park promises to be a vibrant space where residents can gather, connect, and create cherished memories.

Commissioner Cohen Higgins expressed her excitement for this landmark occasion, stating, "The naming of 'Joe and Colleen Griffin Park' is a testament to the deep appreciation our community holds for their remarkable contributions. This Miami-Dade parks example will stand as a living tribute to their legacy, a place where families can enjoy nature and experience the true essence of South Florida."

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