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Miami-Dade and Miami Foundation Partnership Offering $10 Million

Daniella Levine Cava

Miami-Dade and Miami Foundation Partnership Offering $10 Million in Relief Grants to Small Nonprofits with the help of Daniella Levine Cava.

According to Commissioner Levine Cava, this initiative directed towards the nonprofits is vital for economic revival now that COVID-19 has been the source of unexpected stress on the conditions of the city. This grant has been made possible by a partnership between Miami-Dade County and the Miami Foundation. It will provide the small nonprofits of Miami with up to $10 million because of the damages their businesses have sustained due to COVID-19. 

miami foundation - Miami-Dade and Miami Foundation Partnership Offering $10 Million

The effects of the pandemic have been devastating towards every citizen of the city. This partnership was sponsored by Commissioner Levine Cava, which was then sent for approval to the Board of County of Commissioners. This plan was sent for approval on the 21st of July, and now, funds from the grant that will be taken from the CARES act of the Federal government will be made available for the nonprofits of Miami-Dade County. 

The definition of a small nonprofit in this context is that the business needs to have less than 25 employees. The grant has promised to cover costs like the employee payroll, costs of business interruption, and the costs of restarting and reopening the business after the pandemic. Nonprofits that are eligible for funding can apply for grants that can go up to $47,500 in reimbursements. Businesses can also claim future expenses for their operations due to the pandemic. 

“I am proud to sponsor and help lead the effort to create this COVID-19 relief initiative for our nonprofits, as no sector was spared the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic. Our nonprofits have stepped up to provide critical services not offered by the government, including food distributions, childcare, and mental healthcare. Assisting our nonprofits in this time of need is essential to ensuring that our entire economy recovers”.

Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava

In retrospect, Miami-Dade County has 9,000 small nonprofits. These nonprofits employ approximately 10% of the entire labor force in the county, and their revival is of the utmost importance as this partnership highlights. 

With the passage of time, the demand for these nonprofits has increased, but according to a recent economic report by FIU Metropolitan, 30% of organizations have had to let go of some employees. Half of these companies are also expecting a decrease in the donations they receive on a regular basis, and most of these nonprofits have suffered losses of up to 75 percent because of the pandemic. 

“Thousands of nonprofits are at the frontlines helping Greater Miami recover from this pandemic, and many are suffering financially. This $10 million infusion of funds will have a huge impact on our region’s economy.” 

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey President and CEO of Miami Foundation

“We thank The Miami Foundation for their partnership in dispersing this vital federal aid. Grants like these are key to helping nonprofits through the financial burdens brought on by this pandemic.”

Carlos A. Gimenez Mayor of Miami-Dade,
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