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Mental Health Awareness Month 2023: Care Resource extends its support

Care Resource celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month by offering mental health services

May is World Mental Health Awareness Month. This month reduces stigma around lived experiences of those suffering from mental health and trauma. During May, healthcare organizations, media, and almost everyone at grass root level commit to raising awareness regarding the impact of mental illnesses on the physical and emotional well-being of communities, children, and families.

Here’s how Care Resource is extending its support to those looking for help with mental health.

Time to reflect

Mental Health Awareness Month is the time to reflect on one’s mental health. Health is an active learning process about one’s wellness and making active choices for a more successful existence.

When any part of the body hurts, people seek treatment for it. The same rule applies to emotional and mental well-being. Physical and mental health go hand in hand. If one is hurting, the other also suffers.

Care Resource, a South Florida-based nonprofit organization, is also committed to providing health services to cater to the needs of hard-to-reach and underserved communities in Miami-Dade County and Broward County.

Mental health counseling

Care Resource extending help and support

To make good on its promise of continuous support, Care Resource employs registered and licensed therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors.

All therapists are qualified with master’s degrees and well-versed in the knowledge of chronic health conditions and their impact on substance abuse and mental well-being. Their therapists are here to achieve mental health goals this month and all year long.

Those looking to make an appointment with Care Resource during Mental Health Awareness Month can schedule a session with Clinical Counselor. Their Client Support Assistant can guide you more via phone.

The residents of Miami-Dade County can reach out to them via 305-576-1234 – extension #630, whereas Broward County residents can get in touch with Care Resource by dialing 954-567-7141- extension #630.

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