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Meet the Media Poets’ power couple: Yavi Reyes and Hugo Quizhpi

Yavi Reyes and Hugo Quizhpi talk about their brainchild “Media Poets

Media Poets is an Emmy Award-Winning company helping artists and corporations expand their brand with photos and videos. The company operates at the core of the entertainment industry, offering videography and photography services to emerging artists and CEOs looking to brand or rebrand.

We got the chance to converse with this inspiring duo as they shared their journey from the start to the present. Get all the details in this story.

Hugo Quizhpi of Media Poets
Hugo Quizhpi of Media Poets

Meet Hugo Quizhpi—a military veteran

Before finding his calling in media, Hugo served in the military from 1997 to 2005. He was in Air Force Reserves and served his time during September 11 and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2021 his hard work in video paid off and earned him an Emmy award.

Upon our question about what nudged him in the direction of the entertainment industry and media, he said he comes from a creative family. His brothers are artists, So coming from such a background led him to pursue his first love: the camera.

However, the media was only a pastime for Hugo. He would record videos and make films as part of a creative hobby before he met Yavi Reyes.

Yavi Reyes  of Media Poets
Yavi Reyes of Media Poets

Meet Yavi Reyes—the brains behind Media Poets

Yavi Reyes was a fashion designer before she switched to photography. Her couture fashion house created evening gowns that walked the red carpets of the Emmys and Grammys.

In essence, fashion led her to the media. That’s where she found her calling as she closed her fashion line in 2020. She is a photographer and creative director who knows lighting, storytelling, and media arts like the back of her hand.

Despite working in a male-dominated industry, Yavi continues to put out great work. Her work has been published in several magazines and newspapers. She told us that her tireless hard work and her expertise in the technicalities of photography have earned her a name in the industry because she knows her way around photography.

Both Yavi Reyes and Hugo Quizhpi of Media Poets
Yavi Reyes and Hugo Quizhpi of Media Poets with Homero Gallardo

Media Poets—creative storytelling for branding and rebranding

Both Yavi Reyes and Hugo Quizhpi complement each other. Media Poets was ironically inspired by COVID. While the pandemic shut doors for many, it opened a new avenue of opportunities for this couple.

Yavi joined Hugo, who was already creating videos. They included photography in the mix, which led to Media Poets. They work together, running ideas through each other to create something that fits their client’s story.

Storytelling is at the heart of Media Poets. With Hugo’s poetry writing skills as a published poet and Yavi’s fashion-related experience, they create a perfect blend of photography and videography.

They told Calle Ocho News how they focus on the lifestyle aspect of emerging entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their brand image. Instead of limiting branding to product launches, Media Poets takes it up a notch by bringing a lifestyle-esque element to branding. This allows the audience to look at a brand in a new light. All of this is within the medium to high-end price range!

What can clients expect?

When we asked them what clients can expect from Media Poets, Yavi explained that it isn’t just about taking a few shots or creating a music video. “We go all the way in,” she emphasized. They work on everything from filming to creative storytelling because “We are called Media Poets after all!”

Their job is to make that story happen through photos, lighting, environment, clothing, and every artistic and creative aspect of media. Sometimes the client comes with a vague idea of what they want and it’s their job to turn it into an intriguing reality. They work with the client as a team to ensure they’re getting everything right from start to finish.

So when a client comes to Media Poets, they can expect a personalized service that caters to their brand. The couple talked about their quality services, from professional shoots to music videos and event coverage, explaining that with Media Poets, people get a partner who is committed to helping their brand reach new levels.

But it’s not just about branding. They also help boost marketing campaigns if an entrepreneur or artist is looking to rebrand.

Their current project involves a documentary film focused on Holistic Medicine. Interested people who want to learn more about Media Poets’ business can find their official website here to get a feel of their portfolio.

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