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Back to school bonanza: Commissioner Manolo Reyes gives away 6,000 backpacks

District 4 Commissioner Manolo Reyes' generous initiative aims to ease the burden on Miami families as the new school year approaches

As the new school year approaches, District 4 Commissioner Manolo Reyes is gearing up to make a positive impact in the lives of Miami's students and their families. With a heartfelt commitment to the community, Commissioner Reyes plans to distribute over 6,000 backpacks to schools and summer camps across the City of Miami, offering much-needed assistance to families facing financial challenges.

Commissioner Manolo Reyes leads the way in giving back

In an inspiring display of support, Commissioner Manolo Reyes is taking the lead in distributing more than 500 backpacks at the Boys and Girls Club, located within his district. A retired teacher himself, Commissioner Reyes understands the significance of starting the school year with new school supplies, especially for children from families experiencing economic hardships. Each backpack will be equipped with the essential elements needed for a successful academic start.

Manolo Reyes Back Pack Giveaway

Community partners unite for a common cause

Commissioner Manolo Reyes' efforts are made possible by the invaluable contributions of community partners who consistently step up to help families in need. Together, they are determined to extend relief to neighborhoods across Miami, ensuring students can begin the academic year on the right foot. As prices of everyday products continue to rise, this initiative comes as a welcome relief for parents who may struggle to fulfill all the necessary back-to-school needs.

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