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The historic and epic MaiKai restaurant is getting a makeover this year

The Popular and historic Polynesian restaurant, MaiKai, will see some new features and additions soon

The MaiKai restaurant which will be more of a dinner theater after renovations is a historic restaurant and public space located in Broward’s Orlando Park. The owners which are the Thornton Family, Barlington Group, and Mad Room Hospitality revealed their plans for the renovation and some construction work with the local neighborhood and its residents, generating a ton of buzz and excitement.

What do these repairs and renovations include?

The historic Polynesian restaurant is 65 years old and has been in need of a few upgrades and repairs for a while. The owners revealed their plans which include revamping the banquet hall, upgrading the restaurant entrance, fixing up the roof, and upgrading the air conditioning systems. They’ll also be building a new kitchen and fixing up the primary dining rooms for a better customer experience.

This comes as welcome news, given that the restaurant’s roof caved in toward the end of 2020, jeopardizing the future of the establishment. However, this update from the owners indicates that things are going to be okay soon.

Blue print design of outside
Future entrance of Maikai Restaurant

How they’re preserving its rich history during these changes

A concern that many have, however, is how the business plans to retain its historic charm and features during the renovation. It’s not a simple decision by any means, but it’s one that can and will pay off. Not only are they restoring the original furniture and keeping the original user experience the same, but they’re also finding ways to be more creative and practical.

The original 7000 sq. ft. kitchen is being reduced to 3500 sq. ft., opening up room for more attractions and activities, while parking is being rerouted toward the back. They’re also removed the old and damaged Bora Bora building to manage traffic flow and crowds, while the historic trees located there will be preserved.

There are some incredible plans underway for the restaurant, and we’re incredibly excited to see them play out and for the owners to welcome visitors once more. But while you wait for MaiKai to welcome you once more, check out these incredible restaurants for your next meal!

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