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3 unique Miami restaurants you will enjoy

They say you can really get a good sense of a place by the food people eat there. If that's the case, then Miami restaurants may be the best place on Earth! With fresh seafood and a thousand different cuisines to offer, you're bound to find something that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Eating food together is a bonding experience, especially on trips. Here are some delicious and exciting Miami restaurants that you can go to with your loved ones to break bread!


Japanese food is delicious; there's no debating that. But what makes Makoto stand out from other traditional Japanese restaurants is its aesthetic appeal. With food that’s taken straight out of a Michelin Star chef’s dreams, it easily makes the list of must-visit food spots in Miami!

The modern Japanese dishes—along with classic sushi and nigiri options—are made fresh and taste exceptional. The presentation also leaves diners awe-struck, with everything looking too good to eat! Be sure to snap a picture, because the food really is an aesthetic tour de force. 

Barton G

It’s criminal to visit Miami restaurants without dropping by Barton G and ordering one of their ridiculously whimsical dishes. After all, who doesn’t want a filet mignon served in a giant bucket? 

Sure, the setting and plating aren’t what anyone would eat out of regularly, but that’s precisely why it's such a great place to visit. You get to try something crazy and take fun pictures for your Instagram feed, all while eating delicious and fresh food. 

Casa Tua

What’s dinner without a peaceful and relaxing ambiance? If you’re a sucker for splurging at a fine-dining restaurant with beautiful décor, then you need to pay a visit to one of Miami’s luxury restaurants located in an elegant villa; Casa Tua!

Casa Tua literally translates to ‘Your Home’, and that’s just what the restaurant delivers. A comfortable and cozy atmosphere but with a touch of luxury that will still make you feel like royalty. Your taste buds are in for a treat with the delicious Italian cuisine that will leave you ordering seconds, or maybe even thirds! Although not exclusive to Miami, Casa Tua only has two other restaurants. One in Aspen, and the other in Paris! So, make sure to make the most of this extravagant experience while you have the chance. 

Now that you’ve got the 4-1-1 on the best places to eat in Miami walk off those extra calories by visiting popular tourist spots that are bound to take your trip to the next level! Browse through our fun and informative topics at Calle Ocho News to find all the exciting events happening around Miami.

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