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Lost parakeet: Miami resident seeks help finding feathered friend

A heartfelt plea from a Miami resident to locate a missing Indian ringneck lost parakeet

In a heartwarming appeal to the community, a distressed Miami resident is seeking the help of fellow citizens to locate a beloved feathered friend which is a lost parakeet. The Indian ringneck parakeet, a cherished companion for years, has gone missing, and the owner is reaching out to the Miami community for assistance.

A colorful bond takes flight

For years, a vibrant and lively presence fluttered within the home of a Miami resident, forming an inseparable bond. This bond was not with a fellow human but with an Indian ringneck parakeet, a creature known for its stunning plumage and charismatic personality.

As feathers fell like confetti, the connection between the owner and the parakeet only grew stronger. But recently, tragedy struck as the parakeet vanished from its cozy perch.

A blue Indian ringneck parakeet

Searching for a lost parakeet a feathered hope

As the search continues, we encourage all members of the Miami community to keep an eye out for any sign of the missing Indian ringneck parakeet. If you spot a parakeet that matches the description or have any information, please contact the parakeet's owner at or you can call her at 305-302-2059. Remember, it takes just one shared post, one retweet, or one phone call to make a difference.

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