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Looking Back at 4 of Last Week’s Most Exciting Concerts, Performances, and Events in Miami

Take a look at some of the most happening events in Miami, including concerts and live performances

A picture of Miami in all its glory. The beaches are clean and the environment is amazing!

Events in Miami

Miami is one of the hottest and most happening cities globally, which is why it’s unsurprising that there are so many exciting events in Miami every week. You’ll come across concerts, theatre, exhibitions, festivals, and of course, parties happening week after week, giving you the perfect chance to head to one of the dozens of events in Miami.

Looking back at the previous week, Miami hosted some incredible talent and saw some amazing performances being hosted all through the week, including some very well-known individuals as well as many up-and-coming performers.

Here’s a look back at some of the dozens of performances and events in Miami and other nearby cities that went down in the past week:

Allen Stone

Allen Stone is one of the most well-known R&B, soul, and hip hop musicians. Having performed with other talented artists such as Daniel Caesar and Alessia Cara, he’s got an impressive discography of his own too. He kicked off 2022 with a tour that’s taking him across multiple states, including Florida. Although he didn’t perform in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa, it was one hell of a performance. Both nights drew in huge crowds, and people had a great time singing along, dancing, and vibing to his incredible tunes.

A Wonderful World

This weekend was also the last show of A Wonderful World, written by the Miami native playwright Aurin Squire, who adds a unique perspective to the legendary Louis Armstrong. Retelling the story of how this legend’s life events played out, including his central role to jazz and soul music, the play took audiences through some incredible jazz music, wonderful acting, and an inspirational story.

This comes after the show halted performances and canceled shows in mid-December due to the rise in COVID cases and in light of public health safety.

Miami is a vibrant city offering exciting concerts, performances and events.


Beautifully encapsulating the immigrant struggle, this performance amused, emotional, and entertained audiences. Written by South Florida native Hannah Benitez, the play is the story of a Cuban-American man who visits his home country after five decades in search of an important family heirloom. His non-Spanish speaking kids, including a son and daughter, accompany him as the play takes us through a journey of self-discovery, sexuality, and all kinds of emotions.

It was especially exciting to see the story through such a delicate, sensitive lens, which definitely added to its richness.

Love is the Answer Festival

While we know about all the festivals happening around town this weekend, including the SoBe Jazz Fest, Art Deco Weekend, we also had the Love Is The Answer Festival’s Soundtuary this weekend. With great performances, incredibly trippy music, artwork, and a whole vibe, the festival lasted 12 hours long at The Oasis, one of Miami’s hottest venues.

Miami is always home to some of the most incredible events all year long, and you’re guaranteed a good time each week!

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