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Looking Back on the Biggest 2021 Events in Miami

Believe it or not, but Miami is the city of events and festivities. No one does events, festivals, and concerts like Miami, and 2021 was no different. 

In this blog, we’ll look back at some of the hottest and biggest events hosted in Miami in 2021, so you’re all caught up and ready for everything that’ll follow 2022. 

South Beach Jazz Festival 

January 2021 started with a bang, bringing not only the South Beach Jazz Festival but also the Beaux Arts Festival of Art for all our music and creativity lovers. 

While the South Beach Jazz Festival focuses on music, instruments, and melodies, the Beaux-Arts Festival of Art brings the people of Miami together online through culture, art, and history. 

Miami Broward Carnival

Another vibrant and fun event was the Carnaval in Miami that offered everything from music, culture to food and loads of fun activities and shows for the attendees to enjoy. 

The festival has been a part of the Miami community for many years, bringing people together with its loud, non-stop music, food, and an undeniable explosion of culture. 

Even though it’s the music and other fun things that lure attendees, the festival is more than that. The Carnaval strives to collect funds and fights for causes that help families in need. If you’re ever in Miami during the season, you better check out the Carnaval and we assure you, you won’t be disappointed. 

Miami International Auto Show

For all the car and auto lovers, Miami International Auto Show was the place to be this October. It happened to be one of the biggest shows of its kind in America, bringing a plethora of auto show presenters and car lovers together. 

The event not only showcased some of the most luxurious rides out there but also gave attendees a chance to ride and test drive them. The show has been known for debuting some of the most renowned cars like the Cadillac Escalade, the Ford Excursion, the Jaguar XJ, and many more.

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