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Local Father and Son shop Lilo Tool Rental makes huge strides

Two brothers and father that run Lilo Tool Rental whose bond drives their success are building Miami one job at a time

Lilo Tool Rental is a local small business that dates to 1999 when Jorge Morales Sr. decided to start the business. Since then, Jorge Morales Jr. and his brother José Morales joined their father to expand the business. 

Before joining the family, business Jorge Morales Jr. had obtained his master’s in accounting as well as his Certified Public Accountant license. It wasn’t until his family experienced a tragedy that he decided it was time to leave corporate America and work closer with his father. 

Three years ago, the Morales brothers discovered that their father had cancer. He had to undergo cancer treatment and was not healthy enough to uphold the business on his own. It was then Jorge Morales Jr. decided it was best to join his brother. This was the best way to keep the business going and growing. 

After his father’s cancer scare, Jorge Morales Jr. realized that he needed to spend more time with his father. When his dad was completely recovered, he decided to “stay for the ride,” as he likes to say.

Now, Jorge Morales Jr.s’ day-to-day job consists of handling all the finances of Lilo Tool Rental. He also deals with the front desk operations, bank relations, and sales. Meanwhile, his brother Jose handles the critically important maintenance part of things, like making sure that broken equipment is fixed in a timely manner to keep business flowing.

Lilo Tool Rental

Together, the team works to provide different tools and construction equipment to customers. Their customers consist of contractors and homeowners. Often, these customers cannot afford to buy their own tools. Renting tools from Lilo Tool Rental allows them assistance to get their work done. 

Jorge Morales Jr. feels pride in knowing that contractors use his family’s tools to build the city. From homes to shopping centers, the Morales family has a special part in making Miami the city that it is. 

Despite the pandemic, the family business is still going strong. Construction was deemed essential in South Florida. So, Lilo Tool Rental never had to close their doors. They did experience a significant drop in daily rentals, according to Morales. Still, they slowly picked back up and adapted to the new normal. 

Lilo Tool Rental implements the same safety precautions we are all used to by now. These include social distancing, masks, and a limit on the number of people in their shop. The Morales family is certain that this is a better alternative than having to close shop.

The strength and ability to adapt are qualities that make Lilo Tool Rental the business that it is. Beyond that, the love of the family is what keeps them going on a daily basis. Morales greatly values the opportunity to be with his dad and brother each day. They all feel pride each time they see the return on the effort they put into the shop. Getting a good review and seeing the business grow makes them feel motivated to keep doing what they do. 

“Seeing us growing and moving forward—that alone is very rewarding. I look forward to that every day”

Jorge Morales Jr.

They have a wide range of tools and equipment ranging from small handheld tools such as plate compactors, jack hammers, airless sprayers, pressure washers, to larger machinery. They also carry aerial work platforms like scissor lifts, boom lifts and earth moving equipment such as skid steers, excavators, and trenchers including various accessories like power hammers, augers, stump grinders, etc. 

Lilo Tool Rental recently upgraded their inventory by purchasing more of the aforementioned items so that they can better meet demand. They want to be their customers' single source solution for all their tool and equipment needs.

You can find more information on Lilo Tool Rental's website or their Instagram and if you need to rent some equipment for your project you can also call (305) 266-4944. 

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