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“Live Vape Free” with the Help of Tobacco Free Florida’s New Text-Based Cessation Program

Live Vape Free is a new text-based cessation program to discourage the use of vapes and e-cigarettes

Youth smoking in Miami-Dade

About 4.5% of all high-school students in Miami-Dade smoke. On the surface, this may not seem like a large number, but considering the tender age and long-term habits that are developed in these formative years, you’ll begin to see the importance of Tobacco Free Florida’s new initiative.

In 2019 the Florida government declared youth smoking e-cigarettes and vapes an epidemic, emphasizing the urgency of the matter. It’s no longer just a negligible fad or phase for teens, who are vulnerable and prone to developing long-term habits.

Tobacco-Free Florida decided to nip the problem in the e-cigarette bud and address it head-on through their new text-based cessation program Live Vape Free.

How ”Live Vape Free” aims to help teens

It’s accessible, maintains their privacy, and helps them get the support and guidance they need without necessarily leaving home or sharing these details with family members who may reprimand them.

It’s designed to educate teens on the key concepts of quitting long-term, shares positive and inspirational material and uses positive reinforcement, focuses on finding the reason for quitting, and boosts teens’ confidence. The goal is not to push them to quit through shame, guilt, or fear but to use more positive methods of encouragement and help them decide for themselves.

It’s extremely important that this program gains more attention because e-cigarettes are just as harmful as conventional cigarettes, if not more, and can affect functions such as attentiveness, mood and emotional regulation, impulsive control, and overall cognitive function. Instead of just the mainstream idea of fear and lung disease, teens must understand the long-term impacts.

Vape free program offers tools and resources to reduce vaping among the teens

The way the program works and how to use it

To register for Live Vape Free, users can simply register via, and share relevant information.

They can also text VAPEFREE to 873373.

The program offers engaging, interactive educational content and material and one-on-one coaching to help them achieve their goal. It’s simple to use and addresses teens through a medium and method that they are familiar with, accessible, and private.  

It also features a unique feature that alters the cadence of the voice, based on the users’ responses and interests.

The program is a free and convenient cessation program, addressing the growing problem of vape use among teens in Florida, with 12.8% of the youth (ages 11-17) making it their first choice.

It also aims to educate adults, including parents, guardians, educators, and counselors, through free resources, individualized coaching, and downloadable toolkits.

Tobacco-Free Florida also has a program for adults aged 18 and above, known as the Quit Your Way Program, that empowers and educates them on quitting nicotine and related products once and for all.

You can get more information about Tobacco Free Florida’s Quit Your Way services via or follow the campaign on Facebook at or Twitter at

Let’s commit to a healthier tomorrow for ourselves and our youth.

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