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Little Havana apartment manager was stabbed over rent increase

A Little Havana apartment manager was stabbed twice by his elderly tenant

On Thursday, October 6, 75-year-old Reinaldo Cuni-Garcia appeared in front of a court in Miami-Dade County, Florida, charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The elderly man was detained after reportedly stabbing the apartment manager since the building owner had increased the rent. Police reported two stab wounds after they reached the Little Havana apartment on 226 SW 5th Ave.

About the altercation

The injured victim said that he and Cuni-Garcia disagreed since the building's owner was raising the rent. The following day, the manager was reportedly cleaning the second-floor restroom when he observed the man coming towards him with a white bag. The victim said that he lifted his left arm to defend himself but was stabbed in the process.

According to the allegation, the tenant did not stop but instead returned to his residence to get another knife. The victim eventually called 911 after locking himself in the office's administrative cubicle. The suspect was going to try to smash his way in through the front window, but he gave up and left.

A man holding a knife.

Rental rates hiking up in Little Havana

Recent increases in the average rent in Little Havana have pushed the cost of living beyond the means of many locals. These price hikes are linked to recent developments in the area, which causes some locals to leave since they can no longer afford to live there. This is in stark contrast to the neighborhood's more humble beginnings.

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