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Latinx entrepreneurs to watch: Inspiring startups in Miami

Innovative Latino ventures shaping Miami's business landscape and diverse entrepreneurial spirit

Amid Miami's vibrant entrepreneurial landscape, Latinx entrepreneurs are spearheading innovative ventures, shaping the city's business identity. These inspiring startups, led by enterprising Latinx founders, are not only redefining commerce but also contributing to the community and fostering sustainable change.

Here are some of the top entrepreneurs ventures to get inspiration from:

Vecinos Market: Fostering Local Artisans' Success

Chef Rafael Barrera's Vecinos Market emerged during the pandemic's peak like many entrepreneurs, offering an online marketplace for local artisans' goods. From SUR empanadas to renowned Panther Coffee, the platform supports South Florida artists and promotes Miami's local treasures.

Verde Market: Redefining Sustainable Shopping

Founders Pam Barrerra and Martha Balaguer initiated Verde Market, a haven for sustainable shopping. Encouraging waste reduction through bulk offerings, the market empowers Miamians to shop responsibly, revolutionizing the grocery industry's approach to single-use plastic.

Happy Monkey Shop: Pioneering Eco-conscious Toys

Nicole Candusso and her husband introduced Happy Monkey Shop, a unique toy store prioritizing sustainability. Featuring artisan wood toys and eco-friendly products, this store addresses the need for plastic-free educational toys in Miami, reflecting a commitment to a greener future.

Feeding South Florida: Nourishing Communities Beyond Food

Beyond being South Florida's largest food bank, Feeding South Florida, led by President and CEO Paco Velez, undertakes impactful initiatives. The Mobile FARMacy and Community Kitchen uplift underserved areas, offering fresh food and vocational training, embodying holistic community support.

Skyline view of Miami, Florida, showcasing tall buildings and cityscape against the backdrop of a blue sky, representing the vibrant urban landscape.

Securily: Revolutionizing Security Compliance

Based in Boca Raton, Securily, founded by Orit Benzaquen, pioneers a generative AI platform for seamless security compliance. Their innovative approach streamlines security protocols, contributing significantly to evolving industry standards.

Kriptos: Redefining Cybersecurity Solutions

Led by Christian Torres, Miami's Kriptos specializes in preventing data leakage through automated document classification. Their cutting-edge solutions aid businesses in safeguarding sensitive information, marking a paradigm shift in cybersecurity.

HealthBird: Transforming Healthcare Insurance Management

Ariel Dominquez's HealthBird, rooted in Miami, introduces a user-friendly platform facilitating simplified comparison and management of healthcare insurance options. Their tech-driven approach enhances accessibility and transparency in healthcare choices.

Lazo: Streamlining Fintech Solutions

The last of the entrepreneurs we will highlight here is Juan Manuel Barrero's Lazo, a Miami-based fintech startup, offers an integrated SaaS platform. Lazo's comprehensive solution covers bookkeeping, finance, legalities, tax, payroll, and fundraising—a pivotal tool for startup founders navigating various business aspects.

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