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La Tradición Cubana Cigar Factory Thrives Despite the Ashes

Traditions are important, and “La Tradición Cubana” is more than aware of it. 

La Tradición Cubana is a cigar manufacturing company that is not just any family story behind a small business.  Read on to learn more about how “La Tradición Cubana” was passed down and sustained year after year.  La Tradición Cubana’s story is not just one of triumph it is also one where the entrepreneurial spirit shines through once again defeating all odds.  In this case, a fire that changed everything. 

La Tradición Cubana Cigars

La Tradición Cubana has been a family business since 1928 when they owned a tobacco farm by the name of “La Roca” in Pinar del Rio.  Their factory on “La Roca” was known as one of the biggest cigar factories until 1959 that everything changed in Cuba. 

Devastation struck the family when their factory was destroyed by a fire. With a little bit of luck and determination, they built the business back up by rerouting production to another factory they owned in the Dominican Republic.  Later, they began manufacturing in Nicaragua which they still do today.   

La Tradición Cubana is a leader in private label suppliers in the USA currently producing more than 100 different brands for their exclusive customers. 

They have been doing business in the heart of Little Havana since 1995 when Luis M. Sanchez the founder who runs the business today decided to focus on the tobacco industry. At one point, they had one of the biggest cigar factories in the States with over 40 rollers in Little Havana.

He was determined and committed to manufacturing cigars of unprecedented excellence, and quality.  La Tradición Cubana does not follow some industry trends like manufacturing cigars faster and cheaper. 

On the contrary, their vision is one of slowly manifesting their blends and aromas for all to enjoy.   For example, their premium blended Cuban seed cigars are aged in Spanish cedar and meticulously rolled to perfection by expert rollers. 

Why Choose La Tradición?

Are you a cigar smoker that only goes for the best? Do you want to be immersed in a sense of belonging, nurturing connections, and comfort? If the answer is yes, La Tradición Cubana is the perfect choice.  They offer a unique experience you can’t compare but you can at least try by having a taste yourself. You can find their exclusive products at 9357 SW 40 St. Miami, Fl. 33165. Or you can order online at their website. 

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