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Kim Ng and the Future of the Miami Marlins

The 51-year-old’s story and resume are one of a baseball lover that is not set to not only make huge changes in the game but also encourage and inspire many young kids and women. 

If you don’t know what to expect with this positive change and how Kim Ng’s role as the general manager for Miami Marlins is going to turn the game, here are some things you need to know. 

Promoting diversity and representation

Kim Ng not only happens to be the first female general major for a major baseball team but is also the first Chinese American general major in the history of MLB. 

This role is a lifelong dream of Ng, as she grew up in Queens loving sports. But as she grew older, discrimination and racism became a bitter reality, preventing Kim from living her dream and fulfilling the role she was meant to play. 

For many years, Kim Ng continued to lose the viable position to underqualified men, until now. Now that people are more focused on diversity and inclusivity of other races, Kim Ng gives hope to many other non-native dreamers in America. 

An inspiration to young women all over the world

Even in this day and age, many young women and athletes around the world are still criticized and discriminated against in sports but Kim Ng’s success after years of struggle truly marks the start of a new era. 

Many years before she finally landed the gig with Miami Marlins, Kim Ng had to interview for the General Manager job and position more than a half-dozen times. Since 2005, she had been striving tirelessly to make it to the top of the list but it wasn’t up until recently that she finally got considered for a position she was born to fulfill. 

Newer ideas and more change

Becoming the General Manager for a major baseball team isn’t just about inspiring others and promoting diversity, Kim Ng also has to bring innovative ideas and better changes to the table. 

With Kim Ng leading the Miami Marlins, we can certainly hope for better playoffs, more diversity in teams, and more. 

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