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Ken Griffin and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez engage in an economic discussion about Miami

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Ken Griffin engaged in a 35-minute-long discussion regarding economics you don’t want to miss

Citadel’s proud founder, Ken Griffin, has been all over the headlines since he announced his big plans for the Magic City. Ken Griffin' move from Chicago to Miami has become big news in the past few months.

On Monday, November 7, the man behind Citadel, Ken Griffin, had an interesting conversation with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez at the Economic Club of Miami’s event.

Here are the takeaways from this conversation.

What are the highlights of the discussion?

Ken Griffins is the founder of Citadel, a hedge fund firm. He’s also the proud founder of Wall Street's biggest market-making firm, Citadel Securities 

Ken Griffin and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez had a 35-minute-long conversation about diverse topics and issues, from politics to Griffin’s views about northern and southern cities. Both these influential men were seen discussing historic inflation, supply chain issues, soaring interest rates, etc.

During the discussion, Griffin emphasized investing in public education. Moreover, he spoke about donating to local nonprofit organizations, including gifting $5 million to Miami Connected, which provides internet access to children in Miami-Dade County.

Ken Griffins’ views about South Florida

a picture of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

Griffin also shared his views about the difference between southern and northern cities and said that the northern cities made things challenging to run. He added that the big move to Miami wasn’t because of the taxes but because of how things work here.

Griffin states that it took the team 5 days to build the trading room of Four Seasons Palm Beach's ballroom. He was surprised at how quickly they were able to establish an entire trading floor in 5 days. On the other hand, he states building a bike overpass took five years in Chicago.

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