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Jennifer Lopez and Grameen America collaborate to deploy $14 billion for Latina entrepreneurs

Celebrating women in business, Jennifer Lopez will accelerate Grameen America’s loan capital program

Jennifer Lopez, aka J.Lo, is an international superstar with some of the most incredible achievements to her credit. From music and dance to acting and producing film and TV content, she’s done it all.

And now, she’s lending her celebrity status and philanthropic spirit to another very important cause: uplifting Latina business owners.

Jennifer Lopez and Grameen America’s partnership

J.Lo and Grameen America have partnered up to disburse $14 billion in business loans to low-income Latina business owners and entrepreneurs. The aim is to deploy these funds, along with 6 million hours of education to 600,000 low-income Latina entrepreneurs by 2030, and J.Lo will be spearheading the program, performing recruitment drives, awareness campaigns, and more.

Lopez has long been involved with causes such as Limitless Labs, which work to encourage and support a network of more than 150,000 small businesses run primarily by Latina women. Lopez will not only be the face of advocacy for Limitless Labs but lend valuable time and effort in a mentorship role too.

A Latina designer and business owner work at her desk using cloth and paper.

How this collaboration will help and uplift 600,000 women

The collaboration is a multi-faceted program that will not only empower 150,000 businesses but also provide essential resources to underserved communities. This is J.Lo’s commitment to giving back to the people of neighborhoods like The Bronx, where she grew up. The program will also focus on youth empowerment, civic responsibility and engagement, and encouraging women to take control of their lives through financial independence and education.

Jennifer Lopez’s new documentary, Halftime, is now available on streaming giant Netflix. The documentary delves into her experience as a woman, a performer, and talent extraordinaire as she managed her film career, personal life, and incredible Super Bowl performance with Shakira.

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