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4 Interview Tips for the Millennial Applicant to Look Just Right

Make a lasting impression with these interview tips and recommendations for your next job hunt and other fashion advice in Miami

Interview tips and recommendations for job hunting

In a sea of interview applicants dressed in boring suits and bland colors, it’s only natural to want to stand out and show off your personality. Who wouldn’t want their interviewers to see more of their unique personalities and get a glimpse of who they are? That’s why we’re sharing some great interview tips for style and ideas for corporate fashion in Miami.

Nobody understands the need to challenge overdone and outdated norms in the workplace and corporate culture than Millenials. Formal dressing and workwear are some of the biggest areas that have been challenged in this shift, and if you’re looking to make an impression, here are some great interview tips for dressing:

Play it safe and professional

If you’re unsure what to wear, think of the simplest professional wear possible. Evaluate the dress code based on the type of organization it is. So, for instance, if it’s a startup, you can be more laid back in your attire, but if it’s a traditional corporation, you might be expected to wear a suit or dress. If you can’t be sure of the expected dress code or if they haven’t shared specific guidelines, play it safe with business casual attire and carry a blazer if it’s more formal than expected.

Pick safe prints or solid colors

However, just because it’s professional-looking doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You don’t need to get stuck with black, white, gray, or navy, and you can just as easily have fun with some color and print too. When we say print or pattern, we don’t necessarily mean bold florals or paisleys from the get-go, but perhaps houndstooth or stripes, or even some leopard print for a little flair. You can also play around with colors since there are so many incredible options for colored suits, blazers, dresses, formal shirts, and even separates, regardless of gender.

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When in doubt, dress the part

Another key Interview tip that is probably as old as time is to dress the part. This isn’t a generic or random adage, but actually, some great fashion and style advice to hold on to for interviews. Look like you’re a part of their company, and they’re likelier to see you like that. It helps when you already look like someone that works for them, and you can get a fair idea by researching trends, reading up on their dress code, checking their social media pages to see what their current employees wear, and following suit.

Prioritize your comfort over style

Always remember that your comfort comes above everything else. If you’re not comfortable in heels, don’t wear them to your interview. If you don’t like wearing collared shirts, find an alternative style. If you’re uncomfortable and uneasy the entire time, you’ll never be able to perform or show your true self as a candidate. Millennials are changing the workforce in incredible ways, and we should get comfortable with being comfortable!

Being professionally dressed doesn’t need to be boring, old-fashioned, or have a hefty price tag. You can look stylish, challenge conventional norms of professional attire, and show off your unique personality while still looking the part. If you’re not sure where to get great workwear, we have recommendations for places to shop in Miami and other information on trends in fashion in Miami. Subscribe to our news publication for more updates!

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