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How to host a party and get it just right

These tips will be lifesavers when you decide to host a party at home

Tips for home parties

When you first decide to host a party it can be quite nerve-wracking. It’s almost a rite of passage to host your near and dear ones, whether it’s friends or family. It could be a usual Saturday night or a special occasion—but either way, you’ll want to impress your guests and make an impression for the better.

Here are some foolproof tips and ideas to help you host a party big or small and make it a hit while staying sane through it all:

Keep things simple enough to do it again

Don’t make things so complicated that you get overwhelmed, stressed out, and go broke trying to pull this off. Keep it simple and straightforward, and make sure that you’re able to enjoy yourself in the process as well.

Think about the purpose of the party

While there may not be an occasion for it, the party should have a purpose. Are you meeting just to hang out? Are you celebrating something? Is this part of a new ritual? Are you reuniting? Is it for a book club or shared activity? Deciding on a purpose for the party can help steer the direction in a stable way.

Figure out the layout and hosting space

Think about the seating and gathering plan. How and where is everyone going to sit? Will you need to borrow some extra chairs? You can move your couch around add floor seating and alternatives to make sitting down cozier and more comfortable for everyone around.

A group of people at a pool party being hosted at someone’s house.

Decide on food and drinks you’re serving

just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you need to cook or serve a 10-course-meal. You can stick to simple takeout, finger foods, order pizza, or just have beer on hand. Everyone can bring a little something, so it’s not overwhelming for one person, and it’s easier to host a potluck than to cook or buy tons of food on your own. However, if you are cooking or buying food, be sure to set a budget, plan the menu, and decide before.

Check out these delicious and easy Cuban classics to try for your next dinner party; they’re bound to be a hit with everyone.

Have some form of entertainment or focus

Entertainment is important no matter how casual and chilled out the occasion. Whether it’s games, karaoke, music, quizzes, or something else, a single form of entertainment can be a gamechanger for breaking through the monotony and boredom. Plus, it’s a great icebreaker too, when you’re mixing different groups of people.

Get cleaning and organizing done early

It’s not necessary for your space or home to be fancy; it’s important for it to be clean. We don’t mean going Marie Kondo on it and reorganizing and deep cleaning every corner, but just ensuring that there’s no dust, dirt, or mess around. Ensure that your bathrooms are clean and useable, your kitchen is clean and well-organized for easier access, and your serving trays and dishes, cups and glasses, paper plates, or dinnerware are all set for use well before guests arrive. This will free up your mind and keep you from stressing out last minute. Find more tips and tricks here to speed things up.

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