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How to get a resilient job in 2021

Were you fired or suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic? Are you looking to find a job in 2021 and make a career change to a sector with greater job security? If so, look no further than the technology industry. In this article, we discuss why you should make the switch to technology and how and where you can learn the coding abilities necessary for this to happen. Let’s begin.

A booming sector

In the new millennium, the technology industry has become a key industry, constantly changing the way we view and interact with the world around us. When the Internet started in the 1990s, it changed the world forever. People all over the world could suddenly connect with friends and loved ones and make new acquaintances through email messaging software and online chat rooms. The Internet opened doors unthinkable a few years earlier, creating a space for the tech industry to expand.

Internet-enabled software allowed users to work on documents and spreadsheets, and upload them to compatible folders. Completely web-based applications were created that helped coworkers to work more closely and stay connected. It has also precipitated the emergence of social media, allowing us to rekindle old acquaintances and follow friends and family.

The world has continued to evolve to find a job in 2021, along with the business environment. Physical stores are expanding into online marketplaces like Amazon, and many have created their own online stores. Expert web designers and web developers have been very busy creating business websites that captivate the user and enable smooth transactions.

The expansion of mobile development

Today, our mobile phones have more power than any computer in operation before the year 2000, and even most computers during the first years of the new millennium. Mobile development has proven to be a great opportunity, and many companies focus primarily on the design and development of iOS and Android.

More and more companies are switching from desktop to mobile operating systems related to finding a job in 2021. Mobile data expanded from 2G to 3G, eventually reaching 4G LTE. Companies like Verizon are working on the next big thing: 5G. As mobile data continues to improve, the Internet becomes even more accessible. Many desktop and storefront software are investing heavily to make sure their customers can do everything from their smartphones or tablets.

Coding bootcamps

Given this expansion, it is safe to assume that the tech industry will not slow down anytime soon. If you are looking to maximize job security and develop a skill set that will always be in demand, then you need to learn to code. The best way to learn to code is by attending a coding bootcamp, like the ones Flatiron School offers.

Coding bootcamps are short programs that take you from having no previous coding experience to being a programming pro in just a couple of months. There are hundreds of schools that offer coding bootcamps. Most coding schools organize boot camps on campus and online; You can learn to code from the comfort of your home and in your spare time!

Most coding schools offer income sharing agreements (ISAs) to help you fund your education. ISAs allow the student to begin paying tuition until after landing a job in the industry. This means that it is in the school's interest to ensure that graduates are well prepared and marketable.

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