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How Dan Lambert is Revolutionizing MMA in Miami

Dan Lambert is the owner of a successful cruise liner as well as a now widely known mixed martial arts gym. He may not fit the usual mold of a celebrity crossover in the MMA world, but his pure passion for mixed martial arts has brought him to a point where many are now saying Dan Lambert is revolutionizing MMA in Miami. 

Today, Dan Lambert is the owner of the successful mixed martial arts team known as the American Top Team. However, not many people know much about how Dan Lambert’s MMA career got kick-started and how he reached the point he is at today. This article will offer some knowledge about the owner of the American Top Team, Dan Lambert. 

Who is Dan Lambert? 

Although Lambert has admitted to having a love for professional wrestling since a young age, he suggests that it was one specific moment in wrestling history that imbued in him a long-life passion for the sport. That moment was when the late Jody Hamilton, nicknamed The Assassin, fought Sir Oliver Humperdinck and won, all while Ox Baker was tangled up in the ropes and could do nothing but watch the action. 

As a teenager, Lambert and his friends earned the opportunity to work for the professional wrestling ring crew for free tickets. Eventually, he began the practice of tape trading, which expanded his knowledge and love for different styles of wrestling, especially Japanese style wrestling. 

It was via tape trading that Lambert would discover the sport that would bring him the most notoriety down the line. Namely, mixed martial arts. 

Dan Lambert and the American Top Team 

Even when building his highly successful South Florida-based cruise line, Dan Lambert’s love for the ever-developing sport of mixed martial arts continued to grow. As the sport of MMA developed into what we know it to be today, Lambert’s passion also developed. 

It was during this time that Lambert met future Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Marcus “Conan” Silveira. Soon after, he became an active member of Silveira’s Jiu Jitsu gym and even though he never competed himself, Lambert was soon very well known in the Jiu Jitsu and MMA communities. 

So much so, that when the original owners of the gym wanted to sell, Lambert was the first person they asked. Seeing the opportunity present itself before him, Lambert took up the offer so that his future fighters would have a place to train. 

About a year later, Lambert, Silveira, and Ricardo Liborio founded The American Top Team which continued to persevere against other teams until becoming the most highly decorated and successful team in the MMA today. 

The American Top Team is home to champions

The American Top Team is home to champions such as Jorge Masvidal, Dustin Poirier, and Amanda Nunes. Moreover, they are one of the very few MMA gyms to have survived the mass exodus of Jorge Santiago, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, Yuri Villefort, and some others, who left the American Top Team to join the Blackzilians. This led to the well-known rivalry between Lambert and Glenn Robinson, the owner of the Blackzilians. 

Since late 2017, Lambert has been spending time promoting the American Top Team with Impact Wrestling. Many are seeing Lambert as a force that is transforming MMA in Miami for the better as he does everything he does to build up his fighters. Lambert clearly does not care how he comes off to the public and only cares about helping out his team wherever he can. Subscribe to Calle Ocho News to know about all things in Miami, from music and sports to arts and culture, and the best tours of Little Havana.

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