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Jan 24: The Hottest, Most Happening Weekend Events in Miami

Celebrate, party, and have a great time at these events in Miami.

You can always expect to check out the best events in Miami, with so much to do every week. Last weekend was festival central, with some incredible public events happening during the weekend and the workweek, and this weekend is no different.

Let's take a look at some of the best events that happened around town this weekend. 

Viernes Culturales on Friday Jan 21, 2022

Friday night kicked off with Miami's iconic Viernes Culturales, Little Havana's very own celebration. The event is one of the most eagerly awaited community gatherings, featuring artists, talented musicians, vendors, and the general public who gather in our Miami neighborhood to celebrate art, music, community each month. The event takes place on the third Friday of every month and was the first to take place this year. It's definitely one of the best community events that Miami sees, giving outsiders a direct view into Hispanic arts and culture and the opportunity to enjoy the amazing, vibrant neighborhood of Little Havana.

Caribe Arts Festival on Saturday, Jan 22, 2022

On January 22, 2022, North Miami hosted the incredible Caribe Arts Festival at Griffing Park, Griffing Blvd. The event, which got rescheduled in November 2021 due to bad weather, finally happened this weekend at Griffing Park, bringing together tons of incredible talent. With music, art, food, tons of kids activities, and attractions for kids and adults alike. It was surely a great place to headout with your family and friends.

Miami offers tons of events and festivals that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

The SOBEWFF Artisan Food Market starting Jan 23, 2022

Ready to lose yourself in a world of flavor? This SOBEWFF Artisan Food Market is the perfect place to head to when you're looking to try a range of cuisines and some truly unique foods in general. There's definitely a lot to explore with some of the most talented restauranteurs, cooks, chefs, and food connoisseurs coming together to celebrate food, drink, and culture on Lincoln Street. The event kicked off its first session of 2022 on Sunday, January 23, 2022, but continues once a month all the way till April. You can schedule your visit and check out the market menu before heading over.

In addition to these, Miami had some ongoing activities scheduled for the weekend, including different performances, walking tours, art, cultural exhibits, and plenty of family-friendly activities. You can catch more recommendations for them through our website and plan the rest of your week accordingly.

Calle Ocho News is excited to celebrate and share all the best events and happenings from around Miami. From festivals to concerts to all kinds of public gatherings that are there to make Miami's community come alive, we're sharing all of our top recommendations for things to do in Miami.

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