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Celebrating Art and Culture Every Month - Viernes Culturales

Celebrating Art and Culture

download - Celebrating Art and Culture Every Month - Viernes CulturalesWhen in Miami, you will never fall short of things to do and sights to see.

However, if you are looking for the whole set of art and culture experience wrapped up in a tight event that dazzles you when in action - Plan a trip to include the Viernes Culturales in Little Havana.

8th Street or as the locals call it, Calle Ocho is a little slice of paradise that has everything on offer. Amazing restaurants and unique shops offer a vivid experience for every tourist and local alike. However, it is the last Friday of every month that steals the show. The entire area on the 8th street from the 13th to the 17th Avenues is packed with the best arts, culture and music festival of Miami. Every month on the last Friday, the evenings are touch more special than the usual scintillating experience that is always on offer on Calle Ocho.

What is on Offer?

You can take a break, enjoy the beautiful sights of the street, and enjoy local cuisines from street shops as you wander down the 13th Avenue. The entire region is packed with a throw of street displays of amazing artworks of both the historic and contemporary genre.  You can also head over to the Domino Plaza at the South West 8th Street or from down the SW 15th Avenue where a range of galleries are ready with open doors as they put up an amazing range of artwork up for display.

The food and wine

The 8th Street is famous for its cluster of amazing fine dining options that have cropped up with a wide range of cuisines for clients all round the year. However, on the Viersen Cultural, you can find a sheer level up in the competition of attracting customers to their establishment. In this rigor, the restaurants outdo themselves in terms of their take on creative culinary options that bring you much closer to the culture and art of Miami.

What to look forward to

Sales crop up around this time to attract more clientele. You should try to hit the shops early on in the evenings to avoid the rush hour crowds and get a little more time to browse and find beautiful creations at steal prices. You should also look through the variety of artwork on display to get some really profitable art bargains sorted during this time.

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The Miami trolley service is offered free during the Viernes cultural. The trolleys leave from the village of Mary Brickell and from the Metro mover station. You can take the trolleys right in to the heart of the cultural festival. The trolleys leave every 15 minutes and the free service starts right from 6:30 pm and continues well in to the night.

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