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Be Glazed Happy - Reinventing Doughnuts with Velvet Crème

Velvet Crème

Some foods are associated with simply happy memories. The Doughnut definitely aces this category of foods.

It has been with happy times, as a tide over for heartbreaks and as a celebratory fun food. In each of its guises, some brands have been closely associated with the tastiest variety of doughnuts. The Velvet Crème shop in 8th Street Miami has gathered a true fan following for some of the most delicious doughnuts ever. The shop had a dedicated customer base who were all deeply disappointed when Velvet Crème closed its Calle Ocho store doors a while back. However, with its new reinvented image Velvet Crème is back on 8th Street and it is busier than ever.

The reinvented Doughnut Store

The new shop now boasts of bringing back the same classics as before but packs a punch with some new exotic flavors as well.

Original Glaze - The classic flavor variety of the Velvet Crèmebrand, the original glazed still stands miles ahead as the most popular variety on the menu. The syrupy glaze just demands a bow down every time you taste it.

Filled - The filled doughnut range has brought back all of the classic stuffing as before. However, they have also introduced some exciting new exotic flavors to appeal to every taste bud. Now you can try the Guava and cheese or the more intense Maple bacon filling in your doughnut assortment.

Frosted - The intense layer of powdered sugar frosting on doughnuts just brings a mile wide smile on every face. Velvet Crème has definitely brought back their classic frosted doughnut variety with the new shop collection.

Doughnut Dots - No part of the tasty doughnut ever goes to waste, including the wide range of doughnut dots at the new Velvet Crème. The brand has brought back the dots collection in every flavor and frosted range as the regular doughnut varieties.

Apart from this, you can also buy an assortment of the glazed doughnuts or order a specialty pack of mini doughnuts by the dozen. After all, the craving for doughnuts can never be satisfied with just one.

The store has also launched a Breakfast Sandwich option on the new menu. You can order a custom-made sandwich of doughnuts with a filling of egg, cheese, ham, Turkey sausage or bacon. You can also swap the doughnut with bagels or croissants for this type of sandwich option.

Velvet Crème is all set to further expand to Coral Gables after the successful re-launch at the Calle Ocho location. Find the time today to make a beeline for the tastiest break ever with your favorite range of doughnuts, croissants or coffee at the Little Havana Velvet Crème.

Velvet Creme Doughnuts & Coffee 1555 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135 786-420-5418

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