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Did you know that Newspaper Advertising is still as effective as digital in its own unique way?


The first newspaper that appeared in America was in Boston in the year 1690 with the name The Publick Occurrences.  Since then, and through the course of history, the newspaper industry and newspaper advertising in the U.S. has seen some ups and downs. However, no matter what, the fact remains that this is still a thriving media industry with future prospects.

This can be proven by following stats.

Looking at the statistics above, it can be seen that when it comes to advertising, nobody can deny the reality that it is still regarded as a reliable source by a majority of people even today.

Below are some reasons why people still prefer newspapers for their ads 

1) They are a tax write-off

The tax deductibles for a business include the expenses spent on advertising among other things. Newspaper advertising is seen by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the U.S. as reasonable expenses, and thus the amount spent on newspaper advertisements can act as a tax write-off.

This means that no matter how much you spend on reaching your potential customers in the local market such as Miami, Florida, you would be saved from paying any extra tax.

2) The prices of advertising are made affordable due to competition

Marketing through  newspapers is very cost effective because it is advertising that keeps on giving.. Now dont thnk that we are here knocking digital. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that a business use a combination of media avenues in order to reach all types of consumers. With print if someone sees you in the newspaper THEY KEEP IT if their interested with digital your GONE.  With digital they don't see you again unless you pop up again versus  print where they have the ability to carry the paper around as a physical reminder of a service or product they are interested in.  Owing to this, in 2015 alone, there had been an increase in the advertising volume by 20%, and the numbers are still growing.

For a local business, maintaining the total capital spent on marketing is very important, and this is why newspapers are the best option for them. Through this medium, not only do they get to spend little, but they also get high ROI.

3) They are trusted

Local Newspaper content (including the advertisements) is trusted by as much as 94% people, according to Statista. This level of trust is also observed by the Newspaper Association of America which says that approximately 8 in 10 adults take action on a newspaper ad.  If we compare other advertisement sources such as TV, radio, and magazines, newspapers are seen as more trustworthy by nearly 26% of people.

4) They have an audience of every age group

The myth that newspapers are obsolete should be trashed because they are still read by people of every age group.  Adults as much as 41% of the 18-31 age, 48% of 35-49 age, and 67% of 55 or older age read newspapers, according to the Newspaper Association of America. Thus, businesses who target a diverse age-group of customers can reach everyone by simply puting an ad in a newspaper.

Considering the benefits mentioned above, more and more businesses tend to advertise through local newspapers. This is why the revenue of newspapers publishers from advertising category has reached 14.87 billion USD in 2017. If you think that other advertising means are not paying you off, then try giving a targeted ad in your local Miami newspaper, and see your sales shoot through the sky.

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