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Espresso coffee: 2 tips on how to make the most of your everyday experience

The US celebrates its love for coffee on National Espresso Day but espresso coffee is an everyday routine for many

Americans love coffee so much that we’ve dedicated a whole day to honor one of the most consumed beverages in the country.

Surprising? Not so much.

According to National Coffee Association, the average American drinks about 3 cups of coffee daily.

So, technically, it’s espresso day every day!

But that’s not so. November 23 is the actual date that was designated to celebrate coffee that’s prepared and enjoyed in many different ways.

Loving espresso coffee, day in, day out

Espresso originates in Italy, where it started a strong coffee culture that spread like wildfire worldwide, influencing different nations to take up the energy-inducing beverage.

In fact, whether you’re enjoying a freshly-brewed warm cup of cafecito or cortadito, you’re essentially enjoying the concentrated form of coffee, espresso.

an espresso coffee cup and a spoon
Espresso Coffee Cortadito Style

Fun facts: What’s brewing?

As an espresso coffee lover, you must know a few basics about the beverage.

Unlike regular coffee, Espresso beans are carefully selected and roasted to maintain their optimal flavor and to preserve the right amount of acidity without making it too bitter.  

Even the espresso-making process differs. It requires high pressure and hot water in an espresso machine. For a deliciously rich cup of coffee, you need a fine grind with perfect beans, something Café La Llave can provide you with. They’re a go-to premium coffee brand for espresso coffee lovers who prefer intense, flavorsome Latino coffee.

You can opt for various methods when it comes to making espresso at home like a pro.

2 quick and easy ways to make espresso coffee

If you want something traditional, a Moka pot will do. It enables you to make different types of coffee with different blends and kinds of milk.

If you want a fresh cup of coffee on the go, you’ll need a coffee machine that can create the perfect brew within a few seconds.

Whichever method you choose, the quality of your espresso beans matters the most—and if you need aromatic, Cuban-style coffee, head over to

National Espresso Day may have passed, but you’ll still want to enjoy your daily dose of rich coffee. For that, choose premium espresso pods from Cafe La Llave.

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