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Hiring a personal injury attorney


What you should know prior to hiring a personal injury attorney

Car accidents could be some very traumatizing events, especially if you've been injured. Beside receiving medical care, you have to deal with many problems including vehicle repairs, insurance agents, bills and so on. A personal injury attorney can provide the support you need in these kind of situations and help you get the compensation you deserve after an injury-causing accident.

It's pretty simple to decide if you'll need an attorney or not. Here are some cases where his/her help can be more than beneficial:

  • You have very serious injuries;
  • The accident worsened existing injuries;
  • Your insurance company is offering an insufficient settlement or attempting to deny your injuries;
  • You are experiencing non-economic losses (pain, suffering, loss of companionship etc.)

Before hiring a lawyer, it's important to do some research. A lot of what you can learn about a lawyer comes from online reviews and personal recommendations. You'll also have to look at his/her experience and track record, education, and of course, fees.

Marcelo Gomez is a personal injury attorney and a founding partner at the SKG (Schiller, Kessler & Gomez) law firm. He studied at the University of Florida College of Law. Marcelo Gomez is a member of Florida Bar, the Broward Hispanic Bar Association and an active member of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers.

The SKG law firm is providing professional and personal service at high standards. They have the experience needed to fight the insurance companies and they helped thousands of clients. Don't forget that you pay nothing unless they win.

So if you need a personal injury attorney, don't hesitate to contact Marcelo Gomez at You can also visit the SKG website for more information.

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