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Vivianne Del Rio running for judge

Vivianne Del Rio is a Miami Native, who attended law school in the University of Miami. She was an Assistant State Attorney for Miami-Dade County but is running for...

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Hiring a personal injury attorney

What you should know prior to hiring a personal injury attorney Car accidents could be some very traumatizing events, especially if you've been injured. Beside receiving...

Marcelo Gomez, personal injury attorney

Marcelo Gomez, a friend you want to have Marcelo Gomez is a personal injury attorney and a founding partner at the SKG (Schiller, Kessler & Gomez) law firm. He...

Calle Ocho needs you!

Calle Ocho risks losing many businesses as well as its appeal if the government does not allow for expanded outdoor seating by using parking lanes and closing streets.

Sign here, save Calle Ocho