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Vivianne Del Rio running for judge

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Vivianne Del Rio is a Miami Native, who attended law school in the University of Miami. Vivianne was an Assistant State Attorney for Miami-Dade County but is running for Circuit Court Judge, 11th Circuit, Group 14 in the primary on Aug. 28th.

Vivianne was recently been put in charge of the Post-Conviction Unit back in 2012. She also reviews claims for the Justice Project. According to the Community Justice Project Website, the project is a social movement in South Florida that works closely with low-income communities of color because they believe in a more equal society.

In 2017, Vivianne published a Manual for Non-Capital Post-Conviction Motions, and was a guest speaker at an Actual Innocence Summit in November, according to her website. She decided to run for Circuit judge in March 2018 and has been keeping busy trying to inform the public of her campaign. Vivianne recently decided to begin her campaign by attending Municipal meetings where she asks local governments to help her get her name and her ideas out to the public.

Vivianne like other candidates knows how hard it is to walk door to door and speak to everyone and anyone, but she also recently found out that not all voters pay attention to the judge portion of the ballot let alone cast their vote. So, she is doing everything in her power to campaign and be a devoted mother to her four children.

When Vivianne isn’t campaigning, she volunteers at the Pack of Dogs and homeless shelters. She also helps plant trees and clean up beaches because giving back to the community is her and her family’s priority. According to her website, Vivianne is a member of the Cuban American Bar Association, the Dade County Bar Association, the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, and the League of Prosecutors.

By Nicole Avila

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