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Here are some of the best places to eat in Miami

Best food in Miami

Our picks of the top 10 restaurants in Miami are a representation of the current situation. We have tried to combine the best places to eat with the best hotels in Miami Beach. On a wild day, when you do decide to follow this list – we hope you enjoy the best Miami has to offer.

It almost feels like ages since the last time we could eat outside – and the effects have been devastating! Just like you, we have been drooling over YouTube videos and pictures of delicious food that we can’t wait to devour so visit these places and have the best food in the top hotels in Miami. 

It became a test of resilience.

But now, it seems like after months of lockdowns and restrictions, the restaurants in Miami are coming out stronger. In the past 5 to 6 long months that we were not allowed to eat outside, we saw tiny takeout places become large dining halls. But likewise, we have also seen remarkable food-chains get thrashed just because maintaining quality while delivering food was not as simple as it seemed. 

Let us get to it.

Boia De

This restaurant is a clever cross between a cozy Brooklyn dive and an L.A mall. Located on the strip of Little Haiti, residents can enjoy food served by Michelin-trained chefs. Alex Meyer and Luciana Giangrandi have carefully customized their menu around their experiences with food. All the dishes are turned up a notch, meaning nothing is the way you would expect it to be. 

Boia De also offers muffuletta sandwiches and eggplant parm. These two items are exclusively for takeout and they taste amazing!

Jaguar Sun

Apart from being famous for its amazing collection of drinks, Jaguar Sun has recently started getting attention for the amazing culinary experience it has to offer. We have the lockdown to thank for this unlikely yet delightful turnaround. Nights at the Jaguar Sun feature tequila drinks, tacos, and Parker rolls that are reimagined as churros. 

On a different night, you might find a Peruvian chef serving you sushi, but some items are constant:

  • A playlist that makes you move your feet
  • Amazing cocktails
  • A mellow, and socially distant vibe 

Lung Yai Thai Tapas

You might have to stand in a queue until you get to experience delicious curries at this small spot that pays a tribute to Thailand. But trust us – every minute you will have to wait will be worth it. Call it a con, or a part of the schtick – but you are only allowed to order food once at this joint. 

So, make sure that before you order, the khao soi gai and the pad see with beef have a reason to be on your table. If these two items find a way in front of you – we assure you - you will keep coming back for more. 

Joe’s Stone Crab

This take out spot might be one of the best-kept secrets on Miami Beach (in terms of value). Although it is widely popular for its fried chicken, it also has lobster sandwiches on its menu. The food will not hurt your pocket that much as well.  

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