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Footprints Foundation in Florida Giving voice to Women’s Rights Globally

FOOTPRINTS scaled - Footprints Foundation in Florida Giving voice to Women’s Rights Globally

The footprints foundation is a non-profit organization in Coral Gables in Florida.

The objective of the foundation resonates with a global perspective. The foundation works tirelessly to help advocate Women's rights. The core vision of the foundation is that any growth model designed for the progress of women is incomplete without attention to the following objectives.

  1. Reduction in maternal mortality
  2. Reduction in infant mortality rates
  3. Addressing issues related to infant morbidity
  4. Training and education of women
  5. Advocating for women's rights
  6. Completely eliminating the practice of child marriages

The Foundation has a global network of faculty and expert professionals who make it a point to work with the project models developed to address the above objectives individually. The basis of infant and maternal mortality in rural areas is heavily dependent on the availability of skilled midwives and nurses to help safe deliveries. The foundation also works to help train counselors especially in cases that deal with the physical and psychological rehabilitation of rape victims.

IMG 5271 300x225 - Footprints Foundation in Florida Giving voice to Women’s Rights Globally

How can you be a Game changer - Help the Foundation with its objectives

The digital platform has now made it possible for almost anyone in the world to be associated with the objectives of the Footprint foundation in their own capacities.

Host a fundraiser - Even a small fundraising event within your community, university, or your religious or social organization can have a huge impact in the amount required to keep the foundation working ahead on the overall objectives. While no amount is small, you can be more innovative in the different fundraising ideas to help curate the maximum amounts of donations for the foundation. The donations can include sponsorship for  a Clean Kit Assembly  or you can commit to purchasing or selling exotic organic Soy candles and moisture rich body wash and body lotion from Desert Sage.

IMG 5283 300x241 - Footprints Foundation in Florida Giving voice to Women’s Rights Globally

Adopt a professional - The foundation works at training various professionals to take over as skilled helpers in rural and remote areas. You can adopt the professional, pay for their training or their salary after training once they take up the positions in these remote locations. The amount for a single trained midwife can start at $250 every month. You can also set up a scholarship of a collected seed amount to help continue funding the Midwife training programs at various organizations around West Indies, Ethiopia, Jamaica and Florida.

Even if the above-mentioned activities are beyond your capacity or time or organization skills, you can simply redirect a set amount (it can be as lows as your spare change) every month to make a huge difference over time in the way the foundation progresses.

If you or anyone you know is interested in doing your part reach out to Lorna Owens at 305-505-5493 or or visit their website.

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