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Why Freelancers in Miami have never been happier

Despite the difficulties they've faced over the last two years, freelancers in Miami report the highest levels of job satisfaction in their careers

Many know Fiverr International Ltd. as the organization that is redefining global collaboration. The company recently released its 5th annual Freelance Economic Impact Report. According to the study, freelancers in the US made $247 billion in 2021, while freelancers in Miami alone made over $10 billion in revenue.

The report highlighted the importance of freelance professionals as economic driver during the pandemic. The last two years have struggled as the COVID-19 pandemic put many traditional workers out of jobs. On the other hand, freelancers quickly adapted to the new normal and took advantage of new opportunities.

Freelancers in Miami trend

New York, Los Angeles, and Miami top the list of markets for independent professionals in the study. Professional independent markets in these states employ more people and generate more revenue than any other in the country. Last year, Miami surpassed Chicago as the nation's third-largest market for self-employed individuals.

Being a hot weather state is another reason why Miami attracts independent professionals from all over the country. Between 2017 and 2021, Miami's freelance population grew by an average of 35%, while revenues nearly doubled. More than half of Miami's self-employed professionals expect their earnings to continue rising in 2022.

A freelancer working on their laptop.

Job satisfaction for freelance workers

According to the Fiver freelancers in Miami study, Miami was one of the fastest-growing sectors for self-employed professionals. In 2021, 75% of freelancers said they were very satisfied with their work, an increase over the previous year's figure of 70%.

We all saw our priorities change when the pandemic hit. Whether it was moving our work online or observing SOPs, everyone had to adjust to the new normal. Freelance workers, however, reported that they were happy with their work more so than their employed counterparts.

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