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Florida ranks as America's 3rd most haunted state, unveiling ghostly enigmas across the Sunshine State

Pensacola's Baghdad Cemetery and St. Augustine Lighthouse spark supernatural fascination

The ethereal presence of specters and paranormal mysteries has secured Florida's position as the third most haunted state in the United States, a recent study by BonusFinder reveals. With its eerie score of 8.8/10, Florida shares the haunting honor with Vermont, enticing both believers and thrill-seekers with its rich tales of ghostly sightings and haunted hotspots. Unveiling a myriad of bone-chilling statistics, the analysis sheds light on Florida's spine-tingling associations, from haunted cemeteries to the iconic St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Eerie cemeteries and ghostly sightings: Unraveling Florida's haunted tales

A haunting reputation rooted in its staggering 3,463 cemeteries, equivalent to 154.9 cemeteries per 100,000 residents, Florida's landscape resonates with ghostly echoes and chilling apparitions.

Baghdad Cemetery, notably distinguished by the Pensacola Paranormal Society, magnetizes supernatural enthusiasts with reported electromagnetic field anomalies and mysterious EVPs, amplifying the legend of the young girl in the blue dress dancing among the tombstones. Further adding to the enigma, the state records a substantial 7,517 ghost sightings, amounting to 79.8 sightings per 100,000 people, accompanied by an impressive count of 601 haunted locations per 100,000 individuals, drawing the curiosity of paranormal investigators and thrill-seekers alike.

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St. Augustine Lighthouse: A timeless enigma of tragic hauntings

The iconic St. Augustine Lighthouse, steeped in maritime history and tragedy, emerges as a focal point of Florida's supernatural folklore. Enshrined in stories of the untimely demise of former lighthouse keeper Joseph Andreu, whose spirit allegedly lingers around the tower, the lighthouse beckons both skeptics and believers with unexplained phenomena, ghostly apparitions, and inexplicable sounds. Evoking an aura of mystery, the accounts of visitors, staff members, and intrepid paranormal researchers weave a chilling narrative around this historic landmark, perpetuating its status as a quintessential haunted site in the Sunshine State.

The study highlights the broader spectral landscape of the United States, unveiling Texas as the most haunted state with a spine-chilling score of 9.8/10, closely followed by Maine, scoring 9.0/10. Contrarily, New Jersey claims the title of the least haunted state, boasting a meager score of 0.8/10, accompanied by Arizona (0.9/10) and Nevada (1.0/10).

Intriguingly, West Virginia emerges as the home to the highest number of cemeteries per 100,000 people (462.1), while California dominates with the most haunted locations, boasting a staggering count of 1,371 eerie places that fuel the nation's spectral fascination.

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