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Adult Entertainment - Florida raises the curtain on age restrictions

21 is now the minimum age for dancers in adult clubs

Florida recently passed a bill raising the minimum age for performers and staff in adult entertainment establishments from 18 to 21. This move, presented as a measure to combat human trafficking, has sparked debate with arguments for and against its effectiveness.

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Claimed connection to human trafficking

Proponents of the bill, like Senator Clay Yarborough, believe this age hike directly addresses a vulnerability in the fight against human trafficking. They argue that young adults, particularly those facing financial difficulties, might be easier targets for traffickers who exploit the adult entertainment industry.

Representative Carolina Amesty, another supporter, emphasizes the need for increased safeguards: "An 18-year-old is simply not equipped to navigate the complexities and potential dangers associated with this environment."

Critics, however, raise concerns about the unintended consequences of this legislation. Some argue that pushing individuals interested in this line of work further underground might make them more susceptible to exploitation. Also, driving the industry into the shadows could hinder law enforcement's ability to monitor and identify potential trafficking situations.

The bill's provisions include:

  • House Bill 7063: This bill, sponsored by Representatives Amesty and Yarborough, prohibits individuals under 21 from working in "adult entertainment establishments," which include strip clubs, adult bookstores, and similar businesses.
  • Penalties: Employing someone under 21 in such establishments can result in a second-degree felony, carrying a potential sentence of up to 15 years imprisonment.
  • Focus on Awareness: The bill also mandates the posting of informational signs in specific locations, including massage parlors and residential treatment centers for minors, raising awareness about human trafficking and providing contact details for the National Human Trafficking Hotline.
Stripping Age 3

Focus on the source of the problem in adult entertainment

Opponents also propose focusing efforts on dismantling the core operations of human trafficking organizations. This includes strengthening law enforcement's capacity to identify and prosecute traffickers while offering more robust support services for victims.

While the goal of eradicating human trafficking remains paramount, questions linger about the effectiveness of solely raising the age limit. Some critics argued:

  • Limited Scope: Human trafficking transcends the boundaries of adult entertainment.
  • Potential for Driving Industry Underground: Restricting legal avenues could push the industry into less regulated spaces, further hindering efforts to identify and address exploitation.
  • Economic Impact: Concerns exist that individuals seeking financial independence, particularly those facing economic hardships, might be disproportionately affected by the lack of readily available alternative employment options.

Therefore, some experts suggest a multi-pronged approach:

  • Increased Law Enforcement Resources: Dedicating more resources to investigate and dismantle trafficking rings.
  • Enhanced Victim Support: Providing comprehensive aid to those caught in trafficking situations, including physical and mental health services, legal representation, and secure housing.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Educating the public about the signs of human trafficking and empowering them to report suspicious activity.

Florida's new legislation awaits Governor Ron DeSantis' signature. While intended to curb human trafficking, its true impact remains to be seen.

Addressing human trafficking requires a holistic approach. While raising the age limit might be a step in the right direction, it should be accompanied by a comprehensive strategy that tackles the root causes of the issue, strengthens law enforcement's capabilities, and prioritizes victim support.

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